Cross Stitch Giveaway

Hi everyone,

You might be interested in trying out for this competition, it is from a new online craft store.


Happy Independence Day to all our USA readers!

We would like to celebrate this wonderful holiday by having OUR FIRST GIVEAWAY….. Yipee!!!

We racked our brains thinking what would be our perfect first giveaway… it had to be HOT, it had to be NEW, it had to be a QUICK STITCH and if it were a LIMITED EDITION that would be great…. We thought and thought and here it is:

Giveaway includes chart, 2 buttons, fabric & shipping

Open to all readers of this blog except for family members or employees of The Stitcher’s Market (we have no employees). No information given on this site or any of our other sites will be sold to anyone.  We value  and respect your privacy. 

Bye for now, Kaye xoxoxo


Great giveaway link!

And I can comment now. The problem only affected some people.

I still can't see a follow button though so moving it to the top would be good. (maybe with a big arrow saying "here it is Jo" and some neon lights LOL)
Kaisievic said…
HI Jo, Great that you can comment now. Have you tried scrolling right down to the bottom - just above the world map widget is a list of my followers (all 8 - lol!) and above that is the follow button.

cheers, Kaye

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