Packing for Queensland

Hi everyone,

I am off to Queensland tomorrow for the week for work (as I mentioned in an earlier post) and whilst it will be really busy presenting at lots of sessions about the History book I have published it will be warmer than Melbourne!  23 degrees as opposed to 13!  Anyway, I just had to post these photos of Furio "helping" me pack!

Selecting clothes from the wardrobe
Packing the suitcase.
Can I come too?  I only take up as much room as a pair of your shoes!

As you can imagine, I will miss Furio whilst I am away!  Still I can always look at these pictures on my blog.

I plan to get lots of reading done on the plane and I am taking Holbein's Henry with me to work on before I sleep. Anyway, off to the footy now with DH to see the Mighty Tigers play Geelong.

Have a great week everyone, bye for now, Kaye xoxox


Furio looks like dd cat, Rhubarb, except Rhubarb has a white tummy.

Enjoy your trip.

Gill in Canada
Kaisievic said…
@Gill, well Rhubarb must have been one cute cat! Thanks for the kind wishes.
Joysze said…
Enjoy your week Kaye. Don't work too hard!!!

Furio is so cute!!
Danielle said…
Hi, I just followed your blog, you do some really interesting stuff, I love your quilting etc.
You cat is gorgeous, so funny where he lies - just like my cat and likes to "help" out by getting in the way!
I will keep updated with your blog, its very interesting.
Love Danielle (from Bits and Bobbins)
Kaisievic said…
Thx, Joysze, it was hard work but at least it was warmer than Melbourne!

@Danielle, thx for following my blog - I am hoping to get to 20 followers soon - I might have a giveaway when I get to 20!

cheers, Kaye
Stitching Noni said…
Hi Kaye! Love Furio's style!! Felix loves to help us pack too... Oscar just hides as he knows suitcases equal cat cages!!
Years ago I had a Great Dane that used to help me pack when I went away by putting her favourite toy in the suitcase.. obviously this was so that mum wouldn't be lonely while away from home!!!

Pets do give us so much love don't they! I wouldn't be without mine..
Kaisievic said…

Oh, that is so cute - giving you his toy!
K xoxo
MysteryKnitter said…
What a sweet cat you have. I hope your trip is a success.

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