Baboushka Happy Dance

Hello lovely bloggers,

Well, I have finally had a finish for 2011!  Now, the reason that I don't finish much is that I am absolutely enamoured of big projects and that I also love to start projects and lastly, that I jump from project to project as my fancy takes me.  But anyway, Baboushka absolutely enchanted me and she turned out to be a quick finish.  So, here she is:

Sorry, the photo is a little fuzzy and for some reasons the colour is a little washed out (a photographer I am not!)
I am off to the framers at lunchtime to have her framed and I already have chosen a spot on the wall for her.

Now, I loved stitching Baboushka so much that I thought that I would like to pass the pattern on plus there is still quite a bit of thread left.  
If you would like me to pass the pattern on to you (I will post anywhere) just let me know by saying if you are interested on this post.  If I get a lot of takers I will pull a name out a hat or bowl as the case maybe.  If enough stitchers are interested maybe she could become a travelling pattern.

Have a lovely day, everyone,

Bye for now, Kaye xoxox

P.S. I have just got back from Lazy Daisy and I have chosen the most gorgeous dark green suede matting with a burgundy matte underneath and a lovely gilt frame - she is going to be beautiful.  I will get her back in two weeks and will post a picture of her then.
K xoxox

P.P.S.  and I bought another design (sigh!).  When I have taken a photo of the pattern I will post about it.
K xoxox


Bec said…
congrats on your finish. She is lovely. The colours are gorgeous, very soft and feminine.
Kaisievic said…
Thanks, Bec. Yes, I am very pleased with her and I think her soft colours are what made her such a pleasure to stitch.
SoCal Debbie said…
Baboushka is so pretty! Congrats on your first finish this year. What a nice idea to share the pattern, Kaye!
Kaisievic said…
Thx, Debbie - are you interested in being in the draw (if there is one) for the pattern? And what about you Bec? are you interested?
gracie said…
I love the colors and would love to be in the drawing...even if it would be a travelling pattern. Count me in.
cucki said…
well done on your finish..she is really very sweet..
hugs xx
Joysze said…
Congrats on the finish, Kaye. She's so cute!
beagleAnnie said…
Good work. Soothing sense of peace.
Anne said…
I love Matrioushka dolls! I have a ton of them brought over by my family from Belarus!! Congrats on the finish!

PS hotmail is down and I can't access your address. Hopefully they will fix it by tomorrow. If not the I'll have to wait till Monday!
Kaisievic said…
Thx, Anne. No worries - just email when you can.
K xoxox

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