IHSW, Weekend Round Up and a great giveaway

Hello lovely Bloggers,

Well, this weekend was International Hermits Stitch Weekend and even though I did not get a lot of stitching done I can claim some progress on two of my projects: Holbein's Henry and Isabella's Garden.  Here are my pics:
Before IHSW

After IHSW - getting through that confetti!

Before IHSW

After IHSW - some good progress although I am finding this linen rather difficult to work with and the shading of the purples is a bit tricky, too.
So all in all, a satisfactory IHSW.
Now for my Weekend Roundup
This weekend, I have:
* Been to see "The Thirty-nine steps" at the Heidelberg Theatre Company (HTC) with DH and some good friends after a yummy dinner
*been shopping with DD and bought Adele's album "21"
* went lap swimming and for my weekly walk around Princes Park
*DH and I caught up with some old friends for Sunday lunch at a new restaurant at South Wharf called  Melbourne Public - very nice food and we had a lovely long lunch catching up with each other's lives
* and took part in the IHSW as shown above

All in all a pretty good weekend!

Now, last thing:

Cross Stitch Queen is having a great Giveaway to celebrate 100 followers - you can check it out if you follow the link.  It is a wonderful prize and a lovely blog to follow.

Well, that's ll for me now - time to read some more blogs and some stitching.

Bye for now,
love Kaye xoxoxo


cucki said…
hello dear, your stitching looking so great..
well done xx
Anne said…
Lovely progress so far. It will be good to see Henry come alive!!

Sounds like you had a great weekend too!


Joysze said…
Great progress, Kaye. You got so much done on the HAED. :D

And you had such a busy, wonderful weekend. :D
threadbear said…
And you found time to stitch during such a busy weekend - great going, they are both fabulous!
Xeihua (Sara) said…
What a busy weekend you had :) and still you managed to stitch so much :D
Kaisievic said…
Thanks for all of the nice comments, ladies.

Hugs, Kaye
Lissanne said…
Beautiful progress.
I love Isabella's Garden, very pretty. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I have 21 too, it's a really good album
Ewa said…
Lovely progress! Also, your weekend sounds wonderful. Relaxing but busy at the same time. Can't wait to see more!
I was being facetious with the laundry comment on my blog!!

Enjoy your weekend,


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