Weekend Round Up and another Happy Dance for a quick finish.

Hello Lovely Bloggers,

This weekend I have:

  • had Sat morning brunch with DH
  • been totally relaxed by having a facial and a pedicure (courtesy of DD and DS#2 - Mother's Day present) 
  • celebrated a good friend's birthday with pizza and beer,
  • gone for my Sunday walk around Princes Park with my dear friend, Marie 
  • made yummy Scones and Pea and Ham soup
  • bought three cross stitch magazines
  • done some stitching whilst watching episodes of  Downton Abbey
  • lastly, done a Happy Dance as I finished a sweet little butterfly for a notebook cover - which was a freebie in Cross Stitch Crazy, here is a pic of it.

Have a good week, everyone, 

bye for now, 

Kaye xoxox


cucki said…
hello dear, i love your stitching so much..have a lovely sunday with lots of fun..
the bids nest you saw in my blog post..i know the name in another language..i will find out the name for you in english..
love and hugs xx
alliecat said…
Sounds like you've had a great weekend, I'm especially jealous of the facial and pedicure, what a lovely mother's day present!! :D
The notebook cover looks lovely!
Allie xo
Kaisievic said…
@ Cucki, thank you - I have never seen nests like that - I would be very interested in knowing about the birds.
Thx also for the compliment.

@ Allie - yes, they were absolute bliss.

K xoxox
cucki said…
hello dear, i find about the bird and it is called masked waever..they make nests up side down..they are lovely yellow birds.one day i will try to catch them in my camera..then i will show you the picture too..keep well dear..
hugs xx
beagleAnnie said…
How pretty your notebook cover is! This notebook must be special.
Kaisievic said…
Thx, Cucki, I will google masked weavers to find out more about them now. Love to see a photo of one in your garden

Thx Annie - I am going to give the notebook to a dear friend at work for christmas, I think.

Hugs to you both, Kaye xoxox
mdgtjulie said…
Very nice Kaye. I love the butterfly. It sounds like you've had a lovely day!!
Bec said…
Sounds like a great weekend :)
I have that little notebook too! Haven't got around to stitching my butterfly. Can't figure out how I am meant to mount it into the book.

Love the colours of your butterfly, very pretty :)
Kaisievic said…
Yes, it was a lovely weekend, thank you Julie and Bec.

I used the Cottage Garden variegated threads which I have in my stash (I am using them on Mary Wigham) - they made it a really quick stitch up.

The instructions for mounting the butterfly are in the mag, on p. 6, I think.
SoCal Debbie said…
The butterfly is very cute! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, Kaye!
Love your adorable butterfly! And what an idyllic weekend you had! Congrats!
Kaisievic said…
Hi Debbie and Southpaw, Yes, it was a good weekend.I have been under so much stress with work and looking after DFIL (who lives with us and is getting crankier and more difficult every week) that I try to make sure that the weekend becomes a time to recharge for the week ahead.
hugs, Kaye xoxox
I love all the little hearts that are floating around your blog....so sweet.....

Kaisievic said…
Oh, thanks Gill, I like them but I wasn't sure if other people would find them annoying or not.

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