I had my bi-annual dental check up and clean today and as I was wandering back to my car I happened to wander into this very cute shop full of lots of little crafty gifts and this is what I found:

Some skeins of hand-dyed thread @ $2 a skein - a real bargain in Australia.  Usually I would pay about $6 or $7 per skein
There were 51 skeins on a ring and I bought them all!  Aren't the colours gorgeous?

I also bought these very cute button @5 for $2
Not sure what I will use them for yet but I am sure that I will think of something special.

This next pic is of my latest work toy.  It is a tablet which allows me to write on page proofs by hand but electronically.  It is really cool to use.

 ...and just to finish a couple of pics of my darling Furio helping me blog tonight:

Also,don;t forget to check out the fantastic giveaways on the sidebar of my blog.  Some great prizes to be won.

Merry Christmas everyone,

Kaye xoxox


gracie said…
good deal on the thread and buttons......
Shirlee said…
I second that ... good deal on the thread & buttons! Furio looks like hes wanting to go back to bed : ) Blessings, Shirlee
Cheryll said…
What fun pic's of Furio... and good bargins to boot!
Merry Christmas :)
what a cute kitty you have, you just want to rub his tummy......

Gill in Canada
dixiesamplar said…
Great find with the threads and buttons...and your kitty is so sweet!
Lovely floss and cute buttons! And Furio is quite the handsome cat.
SoCal Debbie said…
How nice, to go to the dentist and come home with cross-stitch goodies! I'm sure you will enjoy using the floss and find something cute that you can make even cuter with those adorable buttons!
cucki said…
aww furio cutie :)
pretty buttons and yummy threads..have fun xx
I do like those buttons and there is nothing like a good bargain.
Rachael G said…
What greats finds! aww he looks comfy!!

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