Oh! Christmas Tree.....

Hello lovely bloggers,
I have given you a break from me for nearly a week after NaBloPoMo - aren't I kind?  So, I have a few things to show and tell......

Firstly, my progress on my Shepherd's Bush JCS Christmas Ornie.  It is going along really well, it is quite a complex design but it is shaping up really nicely.  I have even made a few changes to make it more mine:
 The other night, I had my Mother's group Christmas Dinner, we have all been friends since our first borns were babies - over 23 years now!  We went to a fabulous gastropub called Town Hall Hotel in Fitzroy, an inner city suburb of Melbourne.  The food was fantastic!

On Sunday I wanted to do some Christmas baking to take to work, so I made some Linzer cookies with a new cookie cutter system which I had bought - they turned out beautifully!
 The day before that I thought that I had better put up the christmas tree - so here are some photos of that process.  DS2 actually got up early and helped me - and who says that 18 year old boys cannot get up before midday?
Getting out the tree and one of the bags of ornaments

The finished product - a bit of a mess but DS2 wanted to put everything he could find on the tree.

My little Christmas Grotto corner

Counting down the days...

Some of the cross stitch ornies I have made over the years

This is the earliest one I made

Obviously I was in a hurry - look how bad the back is finished!

I did get better at finishing but still a long way to go!
 Now, Furio and Milo think that the Xmas Tree is one giant cat toy.  Milo has already eaten a fabric ornament and Furio knocked over the whole tree and decapitated the angel!  See the poor Robin on the tree - look at the next pic to see what the cats are doing to it.

The Kittycats think that they need to attack poor Robin!
Have a great day or evening everyone.  Off to do some Christmas shopping.

Hugs, Kaye xoxoxo


Stitching Noni said…
Hi Kaye! Love your cats! Our boys have so far ignored the tree although I did notice a bauble on the floor on Sunday morning....

We have only decorated the top half again this year hoping that they would ignore it!

Don't you just love looking at your old stitching. Love your stitched deco's :o)

cucki said…
hello dear, i really love your stitching..it is so so cute..
beautiful decorations..your tree is looking so beautiful..lovely stitchy ornament too..
have fun..hugs for you xx
Sonda in OR said…
Lovely tree...your oldest stitched ornaments look a lot like mine. :)
pam said…
Isn't it fun to see the progress you have made from then to now. I am sure you are feeling quite festive now with all the decorations up.
Lynn said…
You've got a lot more done than I have. The tree is still in its box and all my baking so far has gone out the door to other functions. I need to get in gear and get some done for us!
Dani - tkdchick said…
After hearing about your tree I'm afraid to put mine up this year. Hunter is pretty good he'll go up it a few times and lie in the tree (I usually leave it for a few hours before decorating so he can get his fill of the tree). This will be Zeus's first Xmas and she's already so naughty without the benefit of a tree to paly in! I foresee disaster!
SoCal Debbie said…
I just put my tree up yesterday but haven't decorated it yet. I put kitty-friendly ornaments near the bottom. This will be my first year to have cross-stitched ornies on the tree!

How nice that you keep in touch with all the other mothers after all these years!
Linda said…
Hi Kaye. Everything looks great. I haven't decided if I'm going to put the tree up or not. I have 10 cats and last year they thought the ornies were just for them.

Cheryll said…
I think it's wonderful that you've kept all the decorations. It's too easy to discard oldies and replace with newies. Good for you!
Hope the tree stays standing,lol, :)
Shari said…
oh yum...the lunch with friends sounds so fun & looks like you all had a great time..
isn't it fun to go back & see how we used to do our finishing, when we first learned to stitch!??!
Joysze said…
Beautiful decorations, Kaye. Oh dear... naughty, naughty kitties.
Mangogirl said…
Those ornaments are gorgeous! I hope to start a collection like that :D

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