A REALLY quick post

... this is just a quick post as I have not much to report but I missed talking to you all.  Despite having signed up for FNSI, as I was feeling quite unwell last night no stitching was done.

... and today we are getting ready for our Christmas Drinks party - we have over 30 people coming.  So, no stitching is going to get done today, either.  However, I do hope to get some done tomorrow for IHSW - and I am really keen to finish La Belle Etoile before Christmas,

cheers, a slightly harassed Kaye, xoxox


Peggy Lee said…
Ohhh... a Christmas Drinks party??? Now that caught my attention. Can't wait to hear about that.

I do hope you feel better.
Cheryll said…
It will help to get away from stitching anyway. Makes you enjoy it all the more once you get back to it!
Have a great drink tonight!
Merry Christmas :)
cucki said…
have a lovely night..
keep well..
love for you cucki xx
Shirlee said…
So sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Glad you are better today : ) Your party sounds like it will be fun! Blessings, Shirlee
I have so enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to following Furio and Milo adventures and your stitching projects. I too enjoy reading particularly historical novels. I hope to get some new authors from your bookself.
Joysze said…
Yikes, 30 people!!!! Hope you guys had a blast. :D

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