A successful Christmas Party and a lovely surprise

Our Christmas Party was a roaring success on Saturday night.  We had about 30 guests from various facets of our lives, so not everyone knew everybody else which turned out to be a recipe for success.  Everyone commented on how nice it was to meet someone new and all our guests went home raving about the gourmet food DS1 had prepared for them (isn't he a great son, to do that for me?).  He made three types of mini pizza (making his own pizza dough), boozy melon and prosciutto and some prawn canapes.  It was all pronounced delicious.  Unfortunately, I was so busy running around chatting to people and organising things that I did not have time to take even one photo!

However, I do have some photos of a lovely surprise that arrived in the mail for me from Jo of Serendipitous Stitching (please check out her blog - it is gorgeous and she is hosting the online Advent Calendar -a  brilliant idea - I am Day 22 (I think - must double check with Jo).  A few months ago I won her giveaway of a stitched christmas card of a city skyline.  I chose Coventry.  Well,  I had forgotten all about it, so imagine my surprise when this arrived in the mail:

Isn't Jo's stitching gorgeous? Thank you so much, Jo, I will treasure this card always.

Despite being extremely busy both at home (party cleaning up, etc) and at work (lots of page proofs to check before I finish on December 23rd) and feeling a bit off colour this week ("Too much partying?" I hear you say; "Too much work", is what I reply!).  I have found a little bit of time between blog reading and all my other stuff to do some stitching on La Belle Etoile.  The first pic is last week's progress and the second is what I have managed to do so far this week.  I am getting there.  Although I did see a beautiful colourway on ArchangelDecker's blog Chronicles of a Cross Stitching Hockey Fanatic, you can check it out here.  Her colour choice is stunning!  I love lavender and silver!

I am about to start the tree on the left so I might steal her idea of snow on the branches - brilliant!

Well, that's all for me for now.  Off to a big meeting in the city soon.  Have a wonderful stitchy day,

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

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Rachael G said…
That card is lovely, Lucky you!!
Great progress!!
cucki said…
wow the card is so sweet..
and lovely progress on your sweet project..
hugs cucki xx
Such a beautiful and unusual card. Your stitching is looking good. Your party sounded such fun.
I love your stitching such pretty colours.

The card is really lovely as well, will you frame it?

SoCal Debbie said…
How very nice to get that card as a surprise! Your party sounds wonderful. It looks like you got lots of stitching done too. Snow on the branches sounds like a great idea!

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