12 Days of Christmas in Blogland - Day 12 - another Giveaway and THREE Happy Dances

..... so sorry about the very short post yesterday - I just ran out of time and I was pretty tired all day after all of the hard work (and little sleep) of the day and night of DS2's 19th birthday party.  It all went really well and he was really happy.  It was lovely to see all the gorgeous young men and women he and his friends have become.  Many of them I taught when they were 12 or so and just starting high school.  They have all grown up into confident, polite and articulate young adults - so lovely to see.

Anyway, I hope that you have come back to check out today's post as I have lots of stitching progress to show and a third and final giveaway, so read on....

UCJC Day 3 - Thirteen Colonies by LHN:

 UCJC Day 4 Believe by The Sampler Girl X 3! Yep, I stitched this design three times yesterday - all in different colourways using Cottage Garden Hand-dyed threads (the same ones I am using for my Mary Wigham sampler - I just love them)
This is a freebie design which can be found here.

Sorry, have to fly right now... my girlfriend is taking me to check out Costco - I have never been.  Don't forget to come back later as I still have to add to this post - I have promised you all another giveaway, so stay tuned....

... well, Costco was amazing!  Such good value - the bargains I bought!  Lots of yummy food and some other staples - so cheap!

Now, onto my Giveaway number 3 for Day 12 of 12 Days in Blogland ...

The winner of today's Giveaway will win  one of the three designs pictured below - the winner's choice.

The three designs are Angels, Christmas and Santa.  All three include the design and the charms (not fabric nor thread).  As this is a last minute Giveaway, I will keep this one only open until midnight on Sunday, 8th January.
You just need to comment on this post only and let me know which of the three designs takes your fancy.

If you are a non-stitcher and still want to enter, I will stitch the design of your choice for you (but not  frame it).  Please let me know if you are not a stitcher in your comment.

So, please comment on this post to win one of these designs and don't forget to comment on my other two 12 Days of Christmas in Blogland Giveaways which are listed on my sidebar.

Happy Stitching everyone, 


Arrh !! Costcos, a place not to be missed. You never know what you are going to come home with if it is the same store as in the UK.

When you see your children and their friends grown up it makes you feel old but proud. Where do the years go?

Beautiful stitching.
Linda said…
Great start on Thirteen Colonies. I have that one in my stash too.

Peggy Lee said…
Oh how pretty...love BELIEVE! I especially like pics # 3&4.
How will you finish them?
Cheryll said…
You do beautiful work Kaye...love the believe series...
I would love to be in with a chance to WiN "Christmas" please xx
Thanks for the chance! :)
Rahenna said…
Whoa lady, that is some seriously fast stitching! I need to get my butt moving on my CJC projects. :)

I'd like to be entered for the Angels piece, if I may! :)
sharine said…
Very pretty finishes!I can I please enter for the Santa pattern.Cheers,Sharine
Kimberly R. said…
Love the Angel design - please count me in!!
Thank you :)
Crazy weather you're having down there Kaye. We hit 34 deg in the Southern Highlands (NSW) a couple of days ago. Today in Sydney, it didn't get much higher than 20... nuts.

I'd love to be entered in your giveaway please. The "Christmas" design I think :)

Looking forward to your day five post.
Jan said…
Please enter me for the Santa pattern. Costco- haven't got that in Tassie yet of course. Maybe in 2020 it will arrive. I love your Believe stitches. How are you going to make them up?
Stitching Noni said…
Hi Kaye, love the "believe" colour ways.. they look gorgeous.

What a lovely 3rd giveaway you have - any one of the designs would be wonderful to win :o) Please count me in. I will post a link on my blog sidebar to your giveaway.

Take care, stay cool!

beagleAnnie said…
Although I'm not a current stitcher, I enjoy your beautiful stitch progress every day, Kaye.
Love the rose signature. Gorgeous.
cucki said…
hello deary very beautiful stitching..i love them so much..keep it up..
please count me in for the lovely giveaway..
hugs cucki xx
Siobhan said…
Beautiful stitching! I love that 13 Colonies and must stitch it! Your Believe series is wonderful.

I'll pass on the giveaway but thanks anyway!
The "believe" is fantastic in the different colorways! Please enter me in the drawing for the angel pattern.
I'd love to be in the draw for "Santa" please.
The colours on your Believe designs are great, especially the pale blue/pink luminescent one
Carol said…
It's always so rewarding as a parent to see our children surrounded by such wonderful friends. Sounds like a delightful party for your son.

Love Thirteen Colonies and look forward to following your progress :)

I'd love to enter your drawing for either Santa or Christmas--thanks for the chance!
Lesleyanne said…
Great new start. Love the three "Believes" - great colours. I would love a chance to win the Christmas chart.
Linda said…
Hi Kaye, I would love a chance to win the Christmas chart. Please enter me.

Thanks, Linda
Mary Joan said…
You have made a great start on 13 colonies. Look forward to seeing your progress.

Please count me in your draw. I would love to win Angels - I just love them.

Mary Joan
Hi Kaye

Thank you for your lovely comments. ATS is by Examplars Dames. I will be offering the chart as a giveaway as soon as I complete it.

Please include me in your giveaway.
mdgtjulie said…
What a lovely post Kaye. You're Believes are lovely. Grats on the finishes. Glad you got good deals at Costco. My mom works at Sam's and she sometimes takes me in with her to pick up a few things. I love it. It's a great value. And grats on the new start too. Looking good.
Ruth said…
Great start, can't wait to see more.
Please count me in your giveaway for Christmas, thank you xxx
Shirlee said…
I almost missed this! Would love to be included in the drawing for the Christmas or the Angels pattern : ) Blessings, Shirlee
if I remember rightly you will mail abroad, so can I be added to the draw please? If not no worries, it's a lovely giveaway regardless.

Gill in Canada
CalamityJr said…
What lovely stitching you've been doing! The believe variations look wonderful. Please include me in your drawing, and thanks for sharing the 12 Days of Christmas with us.
Katrien said…
I'd love a chance to win 'santa'.
Aussie Stitcher said…
Love the colors that you chose for the believe ornament. If I win I think I would like Christmas. Thanks Kaye
SoCal Debbie said…
Thank you for your generosity! If you pick my name, I would like the Christmas chart. I'm enjoying being in the UCJC with you!

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