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My name is Kaye and I am 58 years old. Unbelievably to me, at my age, I have now just embarked upon my third career - as a History Education Consultant! I love to cross stitch and quilt, especially with my kittens, Furio and Milo "helping" me. I also love to read, I have a passion for history and I have been cooking since I was about 12 - move over Junior Masterchef! So, this blog, which started out as a cross stitch blog sometimes morphs into a reading journal or a history lesson (sorry, I used to be a secondary teacher before I became a publisher and now a consultant) or a post about my cooking mojo. Whatever it is, this blog is alway about me, my family and my life here in Eaglemont, Victoria. I have been happily married for over 30 years to the most wonderful man and we are blessed with three beautiful grown up children.

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Saturday, 7 January 2012

UCJC Day 7 - yesterday's progress and X-stitching Xmas 2012 update

I have yet to take a photo of yesterday's UCJC Day 6 project - so I will update this post later today.

But I have started on today's project, which is a secret for an upcoming Love and Friendship Exchange - so there will be no pics of that project until the exchange is received.

I am, however, reposting my Believe series pics as part of X-stitching Xmas 2012 which is being hosted by Lady Kell of Kincavel Crosses.  So, here goes.....

X-Stitching Xmas 2012 - Progress pics, Saturday, January 7th:

 UCJC Day 4 Believe by The Sampler Girl X 3! All in different colourways using Cottage Garden Hand-dyed threads (the same ones I am using for my Mary Wigham sampler - I just love them)
This is a freebie design which can be found here.

These will all be finished as little hanging pillows for Christmas (I have bought the ribbons and such for finishing - just need to find some time to do the finishing now)

Update:  Here are some pics of the pretty ribbons and ricrac which I bought for finishing the Believe series:

Now, here is Day 6 of UCJC 2012 progress pics:

Houses Sampler
The Sampler Company (Brenda Keyes)
20 Count Blue Spruce Linen
DMC threads

Jo from Serendipitous Stitches is having a great Epiphany Giveaway and for one of the 7 items you are giving away you have to prove that you are a quilter.  So, here is some proof of my quilting "prowess":

That's all from me for today, going to the movies with DH to see "The adventures of Tintin" and then to have a bite to eat.

oh, one last thing, don't forget my Day 12 Giveaway, you need to comment on this post if you would like to enter.  It is also listed on my sidebar along with some other great giveaways.  

Plus Mary Joan is having a lovely giveaway, you can check it out here.
Happy Stitching,


Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

I love the cabbage rose quilt and your appliqué bees. Did you enjoy Tintin?

cucki said...

hello deary, lovely finish..and cute quilting goodies..i love them so much..specially the brown bumble bee bag..ohh it is so pretty..i love material bags so much..
keep well..
love cucki xx

Jan said...

Lovely quilts there! X

beagleAnnie said...

All are very cute, especially the brown bee bag. I love the coloring.

Carm said...

WOW, you are one very talented lady. You have inspired me to get busy finishing some of the projects I have started, thanks.

Shirlee said...

Thanks for posting a link to the Believe pattern : ) Your stitchings of it are so pretty & I really like the trims you chose! Beautiful quilting! I also will be waiting to see how you liked Tintin. Blessings, Shirlee

Tricia said...

Beautiful makes Kaye

Syster Pyssla said...

I love the color on the thread on the Belive stitching.

Ziggyeor said...

Nice progress on the cross-stitch and I love the quilts.

robindefender said...

I love your header! What cute cats. Congrats on your stitching progress. I Look forward to seeing posts of the finished pieces.

SoCal Debbie said...

Great start on your Houses Sampler! The ribbons and trims will look wonderful on your Believe pillows. The floss is so pretty!

Alesia Matson said...

Nice work across the board!

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