12 Days of Christmas in Blogland - Day 10 - A happy Dance

.... UCJC is going very well for me so far, I had a good start on January 1st and a great start and FINISH yesterday, January 2nd - so easy when you are on holidays like I am at the moment.  It is going to be trickier when I go back to work next Monday.

Anyway, here is Day One of UCJC:
A Brave New Year by Heartstring Samplery

A Brave New Year
Heartstring Samplery
Free design available here
25 count Lugana - tea-dyed
Olde Willow Creek Quaker Colours

... and a Happy Dance for UCJC Day Two:   (sorry, the pics don't quite do the colours justice)

Monday, JANUARY 2ND:Downton Abbey by The Sampler Girl COMPLETED - Monday, JAN 2ND 

Downton Abbey
Designer: The Sampler Girl
Free Design: available here
Stitched on 32 Count Belfast Linen
Using  Crescent Colours and Olde Willow Creek Samplery Quaker Colours

It is going to be another hot day here in Melbourne (3rd or 4th in a row - last night was unbearably hot) and tonight DS2 is having a birthday BBQ - about 30 young adults over (thank goodness they are all over 18 now so I don't have to worry about them drinking illegally).  This should be lots of fun as he has lovely young men and women as his friends, however hot spells like this in Melbourne are usually broken by a storm - which is what they are predicting for tonight!  Oh dear, hope that it doesn't rain in the house again!

Now, I am going to get out today's UCJC project - lovely!

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Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Update:  Phew!  Really busy here getting ready for DS2's Birthday BBQ.  DS2 had to work all day and only got home at 4.45 - the BBQ starts at 6 - guess who has to do all of the work?  You guessed it - DH and I.  So, not much stitching getting done.  At least it seems to have cooled down a little, still hot but not 40 degrees - thank goodness.

K xoxox

Further update -- nearly midnight, the party has been a great success - all of the food was pronounced delicious by the young adults.  DH and I are exhausted from all of the BBQing and cleaning up.  But good news we did get a couple of hours of TV watching in - we are watching a new series "Homeland" - most intriguing - and I got some stitching done - yay!

Off to bed now, Good night,

Hugs, Kaye xoxox


Lesleyanne said…
Great new start. A gorgeous finish. Happy Birthday to your son.
Kaisievic said…
Thanks, Lesleyanne. He is 19 - can't quite believe it. He is my baby - but not anymore!

Linda said…
Wow Kaye, A start and finish in one day. I'll be lucky to get one done in a year. lol

Dani - tkdchick said…
What a great finish, and a good start too. I'm doing the Crazy Challenge and this weeks starts will be easy, like you I don't start work until next Monday. Once work is back on then its going to be a challenge!
SoCal Debbie said…
What a wonderful start to the UCJC! Congrats on your finish #1. Wow! Kids are drinking at age 18? They have to be 21 here in the USA.
Nicola said…
Has Downton Abbey been on TV in Australia?. The Christmas Special was amazing. Love Maggie Smith.

Love your stitching too.
Rahenna said…
Great job on having a finish so early in the year! Looks lovely too, such pretty colors. :)
cucki said…
happy birthday to your son..
beautiful finish and lovely start..
happy stitching deary..
hugs cucki xx
beagleAnnie said…
I think it's one of the happiest things to see your child with good friends.
Adrienne said…
It's great to see your CJC updates (very pretty!_ and a finish already? I'm impressed!!

Kepp it up!

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