A very busy but satisfying weekend: Saturday and Sunday

My weekend continued to be a fun, family-filled one with lots of things happening.

Saturday, the little Eaglemont Village which is literally around the corner from me (20 metres) had its Spring Festival.  This was such a fun day, with a sausage sizzle, a petting farm, rock climbing, face painting, lots of Father's Day stalls and a jumping castle. TraderVic, DD and I all went around to have a snag (sausage in bread) and to watch the fun.  We caught up with friends and neighbours we hadn't seen for a while and the sun shone and it was really great.  Sorry, that I don't have any photos to show you but I stupidly forgot to take my camera.

Sunday, I got up early to make carrot cake and scones for my family coming over for morning tea to celebrate Father's Day and my Dad's 93rd birthday - altogether we had 3 Dads at morning tea.  Now, this I did take photos of to show you:

Getting the morning tea table ready:


My Mum and Dad (90 and 93 respectively)


TraderVic and DS1


DD and me
Furio fled up to the top of the spiral staircase when all of the guests arrived:
The photograph behind Furio is my mother in her wedding dress  in 1946.

I had a great idea for my Dad's present this year.  I found this genealogical site online which gave me the history of our surname and presented it in a beautiful calligraphied scroll which I then had framed.

It turns out that our surname dates from the 7th century (as a first name initially) and then by the Domesday Book was recorded as a surname.  How cool is that? Dad seemed really chuffed by his present.

DS2 was only at the morning tea very briefly as he had to head off to his Football (Aussie Rules) Final.  I headed over to the game in the afternoon and it was magic - the sun was shining and the boys had such a good time playing (although they lost, unfortunately) and my best friend came to watch with me and we had a good natter.  It was really pleasant.  Then, in the evening, the kids and I took TraderVic out for a pizza dinner - good stuff!

Just to finish off, here is a picture of DS2 - he asked me to take it for him to take to a job interview he was going to (for a second part time job):   

By the way, he is so pleased, he got the job!

Lastly, have a think about putting your name forward for my PIF - comment on this post if you would like your name in the draw.



AnaCristina said…
I love carrot cake!!
Mom and dad 90 and 93??!! congratulations!!

I'm 46 years old and my mom 72 and my dad 77! I hope both will be 100!!!

cucki said…
i love carrot cake too..
congratulations to your mom and dad.
big beary hugs xxx
Shirlee said…
What lovely photos & what a lovely family! Your mother & father are precious : ) Yummy goodies!
Bea said…
What a great weekend you had. The tea looks yummy and how special to have so many family around. Thank you for all the photos.
Linda said…
Great family pics Kaye. The food look yummy. You sure have some handsome kids.

Christine M said…
Sounds and looks like you had a lovely weekend.
Catherine said…
Sounds and looks like a great weekend. Your table goodies sure look yummy!!
sharine said…
Sounds like a great weekend. The name scroll is a great idea!
Faith... said…
Your parents look great Kaye! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend and your baking looks absolutly yummy!
Meari said…
The festival sounds like it was a fun place to be.

The goodies at tea look scrumptious, and what a full house you had. Beautiful bridal photo of your mother.
Joysze said…
Loved seeing those pics of your loved ones, Kaye. Your parents are precious!! :D

The goodies look awesome. Now I'm hungry! LOL!!!

Congrats to DS2 on getting the job!

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