Just to let you know.....

Thank you to everyone who wished me luck for the APA awards last night. I really appreciated your kind wishes.

Unfortunately, the publication which I was involved in did not win but was Highly Commended, which is great.

However, some of my colleagues did have winning publications, so as a team we were all happy.  The awards themselves were a lot of fun and then we did a bit of partying afterwards - not too much as it is off to work this morning.

I saw this on FB this morning and really enjoyed watching it.  So, turn your sound up high and enjoy:



Anonymous said…
sounds like it was a fun night Kaye.xx
cucki said…
aww sound like it was a fun night and you enjoyed it..
love x
Bea said…
Sounds like you had a good night - and well done for having your publication commended.

Thanks for sharing the video.

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