Thank you, a few answers and a new SAL

.... thank you so much everyone for your kind comments about my new haircut.  I had quite a lot cut off so it was quite a big decision.  I am very pleased with my new "do" but it is lovely to get some validation from my lovely bloggy friends.

..... also, I see that I have some great NEW bloggy friends, thanks for following me - I always love to make new friends in blogland and I promise that I will check out your blogs when I get the chance, if I haven't done so already.

Re the Travelling Pattern, I forgot to tell you - when I finish it will be travelling on - so watch this space for a chance to win the TP.

Oh, dear, or Oh Whoopie! I have joined another SAL.  This one is a Gingerbread SAL hosted by the lovely Agneta - you can check it out further via the cute SAL button on my sidebar.

... and lastly, there were quite a few questions about where I work and what I do for a living, so here are some answers for you:

I work for one of the largest publishing firms in the world.  It is a global company with offices in over 60 countries around the world.  We publish both trade (novels, cookbooks, etc) and educational publications.  I was a teacher of History, English, Geography and also a teacher-librarian for about 28 years before I was headhunted by my present employer to work on publishing History books for the new Australian Curriculum.

The new offices brings together around 470 people from the Trade division and the educational publishing division under one roof in a purpose-renovated 5 Green star heritage building - cool, hey!

Thanks for visiting,



Margaret said…
That's so interesting about your job. Sounds like a great position!
Anonymous said…
wow kaye these new offices look impressive,enjoy your new work place.xx
cucki said…
Enjoy your new's sound so cute xxx
Brigitte said…
I have just followed the tour through the new building where you work now. It was very interesting to see all the details and I'm sure you love working there. Your job also sounds very intersting. Enjoy your new office!
Anonymous said…
Hello Kaye

I'm doing the gingerbread sal too!
Your job sounds very interesting.
Shirlee said…
Very interesting place to work Kaye! I am going to check out the SAL : )
Xeihua (Sara) said…
You job seems very interesting and I loved the new office :D
Hope you enjoy your new SAL, it's lovely and I'll definitely be checking your TP :D

gracie said…
Love the new "do".
Bea said…
Looks like a fun SAL - I'm going to enjoy watching your progress.

Your job sounds very interesting - hope you're feeling settled into your new desk and new building.
lesli said…
Oh my, Kaye! I've been behind on blog reading so I just had a chance to see all your gorgeous pictures of the work building...I'm jealous! And your hairstyle is lovely!
Kate N said…
Your job sounds great and the offices are huge! Free books to read - you would struggle to get me to work! lol Your hair looks lovely too.
Joysze said…
Oooooh, how cool!!!! Are you guys hiring.... we work in the publishing field too. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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