Winter and Spring Flowers in my garden

I have Winter and Spring vying for control of my garden at the moment - lol!

The Camellias, Lilies and Hellebore are still going strong:

But the Freesias are making a strong play for Spring:

As are the bluebells:

I saw a promise of Summer Roses as well:

.... and maybe the birds will nest in the crabapple tree again this Spring:

...although with Furio enjoying the Spring garden, too, maybe not!

Have a great day everyone, whether it is Spring or my favourite season, Autumn, in your special part of the world.



Jane and Chris said…
What a beautiful garden (AND cat!!)'s chilly, rainy and blowing a gale here...autumn is blowing in.
Jane x
As I live pretty close to Jane and Chris I agree with her, miserable day here.

Gill in Canada
SoCal Debbie said…
Lovely flowers, Kaye! Thanks for sharing the photos!
Cheryll said…
Oh so pretty! Awwww spring! :)
Nicola said…
Gorgeous photographs, thank you for sharing them .
Anonymous said…
i love spring also Kaye.xx
Cath said…
Oh my Goodness! BLUEBELLS! I didn't know they would grow in Australia. Definately on my garden list for when I move to Tassie!
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs
Valma said…
I've been away for only 2 weeks and and I have so many posts to read =)
so great
you shared with us wonderful pictures
I hope you're fine
and I'm going to update my blogs readings =)
big hugs
cucki said…
so pretty..i love spring too..
but i am keep on thinking about fall..
enjoy it xxx
cucki said…
aww so pretty..i love spring too...but i am keep on thinking about fall..
lovely flowers.
love for you
enjoy spring x
Chris said…
Your flowers look lovely right now. Freesias smell so good.
Your LK stitching is fabulous.
Hugs to you and my guy Furio.
Kate N said…
From having mild spring weather for most of the summer, it was a shock to the system to wake up and have to put a winter coat on! Brrr! Lovely photographs of the plants in your garden, I love photo's of plants :)
Shirlee said…
Lovely photos : )
Bea said…
What beautiful flowers! It's a very foggy, chilly fall day here, so it was an extra pleasure to see your photos. Thanks!
Linda said…
Great garden pics Kaye. Furio looks like he's ready to pounce.

Kaisievic said…
On behalf of Chiara (the grey tail):
what a beautiful garden you have! thank you for showing!
it's so weird, with fall arriving here, to see everything over there about to bloom.. wow!!

and just another thing: you have a crabapple tree?? now that's the coolest thing ever, here we do not have crabapple trees, even the superdelicious crabapple juice is mission-impossible hard to find.. enjoy it!! ;)

cuddle Furio for me.. he's always looking beautiful, funny and such a rascal at the same time! ;)

Anonymous said…

Just found your blog.
Your garden photos are lovely and Furio is very sweet.
You have some lovely stitching on your blog.
Joysze said…
Wowzas, Kaye!!! It's a wonder you spend anytime indoors with that glorious garden. :D

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