Belated April TUSAL..

Here is this month's TUSAL - quite late, I am sorry to say. In the first pic are the entire month's ORTs - on the left the train ORTs and on the right the ones made at home.

Thanks to everyone for your advice re the dyeing.  Here is the original colour fabric (sorry, it looks a bit grey here but it is actually dusty pink)  Below is the coffee dyed fabric - the colour is now a bit richer but I still didn't quite achieve the effect which I wanted so I will have to keep practising, I suppose.  Thanks to all of those who passed on tips and tricks.

Still trying to decide upon my 300 followers giveaway items so... watch this space.



Anne said…
As you said Kaye, it is difficult to see the dyed colour, but if you are happy with it to use, then that is what is most important. I have dyed a few pieces of linen with tea and they did not photograph well. Happy stitching on your new fabbie!! :) Love to see as you go along on your new project!!
As a newbie to stitching, I had no idea what a TUSAL or an ORT was, so I did a little Google search and found a link to Daffycat's blog which explained it all (sort of!). Hope you get the look you are looking for on your dyed fabric, it is certainly an inexact science! Deb
Catherine said…
That is the beauty of dyeing ~ if you are happy, grwat. If not, just redye the piece!
Dani - tkdchick said…
Any orts are better than no orts!!!
Sally said…
Your fabric looks lovely Kaye. I have tried dying with tea and coffee using Vonna's tutorial.
Claire said…
The fabric looks ok to me.x

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