A Happy Easter....

Well, despite a few "Downs" this past Easter weekend:

  • Dear BIL being taken to hospital with pneumonia on Thursday but luckily he responded quickly to strong antibiotics and was sent home on Good Friday
  • The garage door (which opens from the lane to our backyard where we park our four cars (!) - now both DD and DS2 drive we have a carpark! lol!) broke down on Good Friday - no way to get it fixed for two weeks!
  • Rushing DD to the 24 hour clinic to get a tetanus shot on Easter Sunday morning after she cut her foot badly at her work late on Saturday night on a rusty metal container
We managed to have some great "Ups" over the long weekend;
  • Visited the Mornington Farmer's Market on Saturday (see last post)
  • Caught up with 6 or 7 episodes of "Downton Abbey" - such a treat!
  • My Dear Uncle came to stay for a few days, here is on the right (TraderVic on the left) enjoying a nice glass of red wine

  • Caught up with friends and family
  • Lots of baking

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Peanut Crinkles

DS1 made a delicious Key Lime Pie

  • Plus I made some delicious Lentil Soup and Tuna patties on Good Friday and a hearty Lamb and Vegetable Soup on Easter Monday (no pics, sorry)
  • Plus, of course, lots of stitching:
    • Some progress on The Faerie Queene:

This section in brown (below) is done over one (not my favourite stitching to do):

  • ..and lots of progress on Autumn in New York:

So, in all a Happy Easter,

I would love to hear all about yours, so please let me know.



Anonymous said…
what a busy easter you had Kaye,hope your DD 's foot gets better soon and lovely work you have done there.xx
Mii Stitch said…
What an eventful Easter break!!! Mine was boring compared to yours :D Love your Autumn in NY stitching xx
Chris said…
Wow! That was quite a weekend! Glad that everything worked out and that there was fun, good food and stitching!
cucki said…
Yummy weekend...
Sweet stitching..
Hugs x
Shirlee said…
I'm afraid our Easter wasn't very special ... kind of just another day although our son did call to wish us a Happy Easter : ) I'm sorry for the bad parts of your day but thankfully there were some good ones too. Your Autumn in NY is looking great!
Wow, sounds like you had a super busy weekend! You got some good stitching done too - both pieces look great! :D
never a dull moment around your place is there? Glad though things all worked out other than the garage door.

Food looks yummy, save me a piece of the pie!!

Gill in Canada
Linda said…
My but you have been busy Kaye. Glad to hear everything turned out okay. Sorry to hear that your dad's not well. Sending him hugs and happy thoughts. Your stitching is looking great. And oh my that food looks yummy.

SoCal Debbie said…
The cake and cookies look absolutely scrumptious! I have never had key lime pie. Autumn in New York stitching looks very pretty!
Jesh St Germain said…
Love the stitching/embroidery in your sidebar! And LOVE the chocolate cake:)
Kate said…
Wow, sounds like you had a busy Easter. Could have done without those 'downs' I imagine. Glad you got some time to stitch amongst all that. Love Autumn in New York - brings back memories for me.
We had a very quiet break.
Valma said…
so super, it seems you had a great Easter time, I'm really happy for you =)
is your BIL ok now ?
I hope so
great stitches too
Autumn in NY will be lovely
happy stitching
Great Easter break, family, food and stitching!
I like the NY stitch, not seen that one before.
What an eventful week you had! Hope everyone is well by now! Your progress on Fairy Garden is beautiful!! I love your Autumn in New York piece! I've never seen that before. I'm going to have to go do a search.
Stitching Noni said…
Sorry to hear about the down side... Hope everyone is on the mend now :)
Sounds like the good bits more than made up for the bad!
Yummy food :). Fabulous stitching progress:)
Our Easter was very quiet... Lots of doing nothing but stitching.. My kinda long weekend :)
Anne said…
Sounds like your Easter was wonderful minus the downs! That food looks so yummy! Fairie Queen is so beautiful!

Deb said…
Goodness! I hope everyone is feeling better. Yummy baked goods. Lovely stitching!
Spent the usually holiday with DH's family and listened to the usual complaints about dinner and general things. Then went home and worked in the blissful garden(sighhhhh!)
Catherine said…
Busy, busy, busy!! Hope everyone is well and you've had time to take a little breather!

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