Slightly belated Friday Night with Friends...

Oh dear, I forgot to sign up for FNwF this month but that doesn't mean I didn't have a stitch-a-thon on Friday night.  TraderVic and DD were at the footy, watching their beloved Richmond Tigers win whilst I was home watching Season Four of 'The Tudors' (natch!) and stitching (double natch).

I worked on this lovely red bird, a freebie which I found somewhere on the internet (sorry, I can't remember or I would post the link). I managed to get heaps done on Friday night and then Sat arvo I finished it - yay, another Happy Dance.  That reminds me, I must do some blog housekeeping and get my Happy Dance list up to date.  Anyway here is my latest finish:

I really like the lace-like back stitch, although it was a bit of a challenge to ensure that I stitched it correctly.
Red Bird
Freebie design from somewhere on the internet
32 count cream linen
Valdani Hand-Overdyed Thread Colour #43

UDATE: Thanks to Terri from Chocolate for Breakfast; Stitching for Lunch - I can now give you the link to the Red Bird pattern.  It is a freebie from Gazette 94 and you can find it here.  Thanks so much, Terri, I hated not being able to give credit to the generous designer.

Yesterday was DS1's 25th birthday, I look at this fine young man and I feel so proud but I also wonder where all of the years have gone? It seems like only yesterday he was just a little boy.  At his request we went to a chinese restaurant in Fitzroy called "Old Kingdom" for Peking Duck, reputedly the best in the city (even better than that at the legendary Flower Drum restaurant in Chinatown).  You have to order your duck/s when you make your booking.  For the first course, the chef brings out the duck and expertly carves it at your table as you make up your own Peking Duck pancakes - so light and flavoursome. Second course is a noodle stirfry made with the rest of the duck flesh whilst the third course is a broth made from the duck bones.  It was absolutely delicious although you have to like Duck!

I was all set to take photos but I only managed to squeeze this one shot off before I was ordered to put the camera away (they are all camera shy).  So, here is DD trying to hide behind DS1's present and DS2 pulling a funny face!

And, of course, I cannot sign off without some kitten photos:

Milo guarding the clean washing or just a soft nest to snuggle into?

A sleepy Furio (I woke him up trying to take the photo) dappled in the sunlight in one of  his favourite possies, the top of my stitching chair.

Lastly, I just want to say a big hello to all of my new followers, it is lovely to have you visit my blog, 

hugs to you all, 


Linda said…
Congrats on an adorable finish Kaye. What a cute design. As always, love the pics of your furbabies.

Anne said…
What a beautiful finish Kaye! You know I just checked my file folder of freebies thinking I had this one, but I can't seem to see it. I've seen this recently too. It's at the tip of my tongue! If I remember I'll let you know. Happy Birthday to your son!! Peking ducks...yum!!
This should be the link to the freebie you stitched. If it doesn't work, it's in the March, 2010 post. Beautiful finish, Kaye!
Happy b-day to your son!
Christine M said…
That is such a lovely design Kaye. It's gorgeous.
marly said…
Fabulous bird, good looking family, and adorable kits!
Beautiful finish! That little birdie is so cute (thanks very much for the link Terri, it worked fine for me!) and I love the combination of cross-stitch and blackwork together :) So nice to see your cute kitties too!
Deb said…
Love that design and the Gazette website! Lovely kids and kitty's! Happy birthday to DS.
sharine said…
Beautiful finish:)
Beautiful stitching. I love your little red bird. Happy birthday to your son. Dinner sounded yummy.
ariadne said…
Best wishes for your son, I love the red bird!AriadnefromGreece!
Emma/Itzy said…
A lovely finish, well done! I love having duck pancakes when we go to a Chinese restaurant! It is just so tasty!
Shirlee said…
Milo & Furio are so darn cute! And your children are quite good looking as well : ) Sounds like a great birthday celebration! Love the little bird. Michelle made one of those for me & I think it's so pretty : ) Have a great day!
cucki said…
Aww cute finish..
Big hugs x
Great freebie! I love the color you chose, and the backstitching looks beautiful. Way to go!
Quilt Kitty said…
That red embroidery project is stunning, as are the furry duo Milo & Furio! xx
Lovely cross stitch Kaye....a great post! Happy birthday to your DS!
Mii Stitch said…
Lovely stitching Kaye! The colours are great x
Carol said…
Very pretty finish, Kaye!! And a Happy Birthday to your son! It is a shock when they reach that age, isn't it? My youngest will reach 25 this summer and my older two are 27 and 31--now that really makes me feel old :)
valerie said…
Cute finish Kaye! And Happy Birthday to your son! I hope he had a fun day!
SoCal Debbie said…
Your bird is beautiful, Kaye! I stitched the same one in variegated blue. I was going to give you the link but I see you already got it! Great photos!!
Catherine said…
I love this bird ~ stitched one a couple years ago in blue and green, but might have to do it again in reds!
Happy Birthday to your son.
Your fur babies are adorable!
Love your red bird, I thought Gazette 94 as soon as I saw it, I must spend too much time surfing!
Happy Belated Birthday to your son. I love duck especially Chinese duck dishes.

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