Stash Empire Building

Well, there has been a bit of Stash Empire Building going on lately.  I have ordered lots of bits and pieces over the internet (boy, is that easy or what?) plus of course, I love to visit Wendy at my local, LNS, Lazy Daisy.  So, as I was in search of some Thread Heaven, which I had read about on Noni's blog, for when my threads get a bit frayed, I naturally had to buy some new LHN designs. I bought the Sheep Virtues 1 and 2, plus the button for Hope and Around the world in 80 days, plus some Cottage Garden Threads, I did also buy an Impie, Hattie and Bea Marking Pin Notebook to embellish with some stitching.

I am so bad (but loving it) as I have more than enough stash to last several lifetimes.


P.S. I have just reached 300 followers - woo hoo!  Watch for a post soon about a 300 follower giveaway!


Shirlee said…
What great new goodies, & congratulations on reaching 300 followers : )
Mii Stitch said…
OMG!!! Great new stash!! I looove your new charts & threads :D Congrats on reaching 300 followers x
Stash enhancement is always fun! Congrats on 300!
Carol said…
Love your new stash, Kaye! Think I'll have to buy that cute sheepy-love one myself :) What great news on reaching 300 followers--way to go!
Ooooh, pretty stash! I've been itching to go stash shopping, but I'm trying to control myself. :D
AnaCristina said…
Congratulations for yours 300 followers!


Awww, lovely! Stash building is one of my favourite things - it's essentialy retail therapy for the crafty. Congrats on the followers, too! :)
cucki said…
congratulations for your 300 followers..
sweet stash..
happy stitching x
Valma said…
I love your new stash =)
for sure...I stitched the 2 first LHN sheep virtues =D
Will start the third this week
they are so lovely
I planned to make 12 coasters with them =)
Still haven't shown this !
enjoy everything sweetie and congrats =)
big hugs
Cathy said…
I'm glad I'm not the only one who "adds on" to orders for necessities!
sharine said…
Great new stash:)
Linda said…
Oh my Kaye. I love all your new stash.

Christine M said…
Congratulations on 300 followers, Kaye. You've certainly got plenty of projects to keep you going!
Sally said…
Very nice stash enhancement Kaye. I, personally. love stash building!

Congratulations on 300 followers :)
Catherine said…
Fantastic stash! And congrats on three hundred followers!
Stress Less said…
Nice stash!!! I have to say I got behind in my blog reading due to DS's Spring Break. So I'm trying to catch up. I love you two most recent finishes and that Key Lime Pie looks awesome!
I am a firm believer in the fact that you can never have a big enough stash or enough projects to complete! Glad I found you through Marly's blog, your kittens are adorable! Deb
Stitching Noni said…
Congrats on your 300 followers :)
Love the new stash - you can never have too much stash
Hope the thread heaven is working well for you... I think it is great :) - thank you for the link back to my post :)
Hugs xx

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