Message for Debra Butler...

Sorry all, but I only seem to be able to contact Debra Butler (who won my Liberty Lane Pattern Giveaway) by posting here as she is a no-reply commenter who does not seem to have a blog and her direct emails do not seem to be getting through to me.  So, please forgive me and you are quite welcome not to read further.

Debra, you are a no-reply commenter, which means that I cannot email you back directly. Also, even though I have added you to my Google+ circles, you do not seem to have any direct activity there.

I have not received the direct email which you sent with your snail mail address so I do not know how else to contact you, except by this post.  Could you please email me again and maybe if you are on Facebook you could "friend" me, this way we could private message each other re your address. You can find a link to my FB account on the sidebar of my blog.

I hope that you see this message as I truly do not know how else to contact you.



Melody said…
Good luck finding Debra
Debra Butler said…
I have replied on your posts and will send you another email now. I have also just sent you a friend request on Facebook. I do hope we are able to connect. I do appreciate all of your efforts to find me and am excited to have won!
marly said…
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marly said…
i once had a winner that followed me by email, and she kept clicking "reply" to that post's email from Blogger (which is no-reply) so I never got it. I posted for her to click the email link on my blog page and that's when we found out why I never received her mail.

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