Hi all,

Oh, how do I love having a good stash pile.  I am doing some finishing on my Christmas in July swap pieces. Yes, I know, taking it to the line but I will get there! I had hoped to get more done on Wednesday when I was recuperating after my dental surgery but I just didn't feel up to it, not surprisingly!  However, I am picking up the pace on my finishing now.

So, I was looking for some Christmas fabbie in my stash boxes.

.... and oh, ever so quickly, I put my hand into the second one I looked in and found these two great pieces of Christmas fabric.

The top one is a lovely flannel piece and the other is cotton.  Both are perfect for my plans.

Then, on the stitching front last night, I finished all of the cross stitching on my fruit wreath and started on the back stitching.  Doesn't it make the bow pop?  I am very pleased with how this is turning out.

Well, have a fabulous day everyone, another busy day for me - writing contracts for authors for a new project, meetings, checking one of my eBooks for errors, and a morning tea (someone going on maternity leave), lunch with my Dad and sister (she is kindly bringing Dad into see my awesome office and then I am taking them out to lunch at the new restaurant in my building) and then two afternoon teas - maternity leave one again (someone else) and a Smith family fundraiser!

Hmm, doesn't sound like I am doing much work but I can assure you I work very hard!


P.S. Thank you so much to everyone for your good wishes re my recovery after my dental surgery - my mouth still feels rather bruised but it has stopped throbbing so much.  I just have to be very careful about what I eat and how I eat it.


marina said…
your cross stitch is very pretty.
sounds like an action packed day for you.
Hope it all comes together well.
Linda said…
Oh my Kaye. You better be careful! That stash looks like you might be catching me pretty soon. LOL The wreath is so pretty and colorful. Another day for you that makes me tired just reading about it. Have fun.

Margaret said…
Stash diving can be fun! Love the xmas fabrics. Love the wreath too. You're right, the back stitching makes the ribbon pop!
Frances N said…
That wreath ornament is so pretty! And your fabrics are wonderful, too. I love to look through stash--it is amazing how much is accumulated and how much is forgotten about! It's like a surprise every time I look!!
So glad to hear your mouth is feeling better! I know that's no fun at all!
marly said…
Glad your gums are feeling better. Sounds like a busy but fun day. Hope your dad is doing well.
Barb said…
Glad to hear you are better. The Christmas stitching is great! Have a wonderful day with your family. It must be a joy for you to be able to see your Dad.
Christine M said…
Your cross stitch is lovely, Kaye. Glad you're feeling better.
Thoeria said…
I don't think its possible to ever have tooo much stash....is it??
cucki said…
Sweet stitching and I hope my dear you get well soon :)
I love and looking at the stash ..it's so much fun :)
Beautiful material you found
Hugs x
Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. That sounds like a jam packed day you have ahead of you. Lovely Christmas fabby and great stitching.
Mii Stitch said…
That is a day and a half!!! Have fun :)
Vickie said…
Sounds like fun today. Enjoy!
Anthea said…
it's a very impressive looking stash Kaye! isn't it great to go searching in it & have a good find?!
Dani - tkdchick said…
Stash is just so much fun! I love how you just stuck a hand in and got the perfect fabbies.

I've been stitching for a very long time now and it never ceases to amaze me how BS makes the biggest difference ever!!!
Great stitching on the Tutti Frutti piece! Sounds like you've got a busy schedule coming up. Have fun! :D
Backstitching does make a huge difference (even though I don't care for it -LOL). Your wreath is beautiful! I had to laugh at Margaret's comment "stash diving is fun" so true. Wonderful Christmas fabrics. love Annette
gracie said…
love the wreath..you certainly have been and will be busy!
Penny said…
Glad your mouth is feeling a little better. I have some dental surgery scheduled for the end of the month and I'm not looking forward to it. :) Those are some lovely Christmas fabrics ~ love how you store your things. The backstitching does add nice definition. Your wreath is looking pretty. Hope you had a lovely day with your dad and sister.
Bea said…
Love the fabric. Great stitching on the wreath.
Brigitte said…
Oh yes, I agree with you 100%. And when I see your stash boxes I'd love to browse through them and see all the wonderful things that are in there, lol. Your little finish is so sweet. Where did you find it?
KimM said…
The stitching is so cute - colorful, too. Love it. The fabric is so pretty - what great stash!
Wow, that's a good collection of fabrics! I only have one small shoebox so far.

The wreath looks pretty and I'm so pleased that your tooth is healing.

Don't work too hard now!
Preeti said…
Stashing is fun but sometimes organising is a big work. I have just shifted to new home and I am still not able to put them at right places....but I guess seeing the stuff around is another joy :)
Your cross stitching looks very nice !! :) you are a very busy person and I believe that you are very hardworking too .

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