A cosy recuperation.....

.... I had some dental surgery on Tuesday (the implant was placed for my eventual new tooth) - the dental surgeon was excellent, very gentle but, oh boy, I did not feel so good after the anaesthetic wore off! It is my front tooth, so the area around it is all bruised and my face puffed up and I kept feeling as if my whole face would just fall off!

However, my dear, stitchy friend, Anna (no blog), came around to sit and stitch for a while yesterday whilst I was recuperating.

She brought me some restorative chicken soup, which I ate with nice soft crumpets - delicious!

... and I stitched on this little cutie - I am really enjoying it although I need a very good light to stitch on this fabbie.

 Pattern: Sprintgime Messenger
Designer: With they needle and thread
Fabric: 28ct Gingham Straw/Grey linen by WDW
Threads: Speciality threads as recommended (WDW and GAST)

Then in the afternoon, my comfy stitching chair beckoned.
A sweet kitty cat
A good book to read
The Foxtel remote so that I could watch Masterchef Australia
My stitching

What bliss!

So, as well as stitching on Springtime Messenger, I stitched on this fruit wreath for the upcoming Tutti Frutti swap.

This is a freebie I picked up from somewhere but I am really pleased with how it is turning out.  I have swapped out a number of the threads for variegated ones for ease of stitching (less thread changes) and to create more depth and interest in the piece.  Nearly finished the cross stitch but there is a heap of backstitch to do yet.

Anyway, it is back to work for me this morning.  Catch you all later,



Christine M said…
How lovely to have a day stitching with Anna. There's nothing better than home made soup. Take care of yourself Kaye and I hope you're feeling better soon,
Melody said…
Anna is such a lovely person. All things considered you did your recovery day in style.
Anonymous said…
lovely friend and you fee; better today Kaye.xx
Margaret said…
Glad you are feeling better today. That dental surgery doesn't sound like much fun. How nice to have a friend keep you company while you recuperate and to have a nice kitty cuddle with you too! Lovely stitching!
Hope you feel better soon. Nice to have a friend to cheer you. Nothing like your favorite stitching chair to bring comfort. Your projects are lovely.
Linda said…
Lovely stitching Kaye. Hope your feeling better.

Hope you are healed soon and lovely projects Kaye!
Hope you are healed soon Kaye and lovely projects!
Penny said…
Dental surgery does sound painful ~ but it was sweet of your friend to bring you something delicious to eat and spend some time with you. Lovely stitching and a sweet little kitty can make anything better. :)
marina said…
I bbroke out in a cold sweat as soon as I read 'dental surgeon'
Hope you have recovered well, you sure did it with style.
Thoeria said…
A lovely way to recuperate indeed :) Hope the mouth settles soon xx
cucki said…
Oh dear I hope you feel better soon..
Lovely friend with you :)
And beautiful
Projects...big hugs x
I sure hope you heal soon! What a wonderful Anna is for spending some time with you and she brought you soup:) Love what you are stitching.
love Annette
Aww, I hope you're feeling better! I hate dental surgery. Your stitching looks so sweet! And you've just reminded me to get started on my Tutti Frutti piece as well :D
Oh you poor thing. I always feel awful after any trip to the dentist. I find it worse than going to the doc. I hope you are feeling better. It sounds like you got an amazing recovery day and that stitching spot looks so comfortable!
gracie said…
Ouch...hope you are feeling much better. I must try stitching on gingham linen, looking very nice.
Shirlee said…
Sounds like a lovely day despite the dental stuff. Hope you feel better soon!
Vickie said…
How very nice of your friend. I am glad you are improving. It will be so nice when the tooth is over and done.
Dani - tkdchick said…
That's a great friend to come over not only to keep you company but feed you too!

Your stitching is looking great!
Carol said…
Oh, that sounds very painful, Kaye--I hope you feel better very soon. I have to go in next week for a crown on a back molar and I'm terrified. I've never had anything done other than cavity filling before...

What a nice friend you have! That chicken soup looks like it was just what you needed!
KimM said…
I hope you feel better soon, my friend. What a caring friend you have - and what a lovely stitching. Please take care -
Brigitte said…
I'm so feeling with you. Everything having to do with the teeth is completely horrifying me. I hope that you will soon feel better.

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