Gorgeous Gorgeousness Galore and May FNSI...

Hi lovely, stitchy, bloggy friends,

It is time for my Gifted Gorgeousness SAL update for May.  For those of you who are not sure what I am talking about.....

The Gifted Gorgeousness SAL is run by the wonderful Jo from Serendipitous Stitching.  The idea is that every month we link to Jo's GG blog post to show off whatever we are stitching that is Gift-related.  It can be something we are making for someone special or a chart or threads with which we have been gifted or basically anything else we can shoehorn into the basic premise.

It is such a good idea, as we all have something we are doing in at least one of those categories, don't we

I have quite a few things to show you, so, here is my May update:

First off, when I got home from work last night, I found a surprise package waiting for me, from my dear SSF, Kim from Wisdom with Needle and Thread. I have been a bit down lately, 2015 has been a very emotional year for me so far, starting on a high with DS1's wedding (which we planned and executed in less than two months), then the unexpected death of my DFIL only six days later after having lived with us for over sixteen years, finishing with all three of our children moving out/interstate within less than a month of the wedding, my dear Dad is going blind (which is a great worry, naturally) and there have been some unsettling and disappointing things happening at work - so, I have not been sleeping well and, overall, I have not been my usual, cheery self. In fact, I feel that I have lost my natural resilience and I do not know how to get it back. (Any ideas, anyone?)

 Well, Kim picked up on all of this and decided to send me a "cheer up" package.

Well, cheer me up, she certainly did!  Sending me gifts that reflect two of my great passions:  Kitty cats and the Tudors!  Do you want to see?

Look, a Henry Viii and his six wives mini cushion kit (love it, love it, love it)

A kitty cat purse (how adorable):

... and inside it a decorated Tudor tin.

.. and inside that a sweet tiny needle minder cushion.

Inside of the tin:

Tudor fabric on the back of the needle minder....

Some Tudor cards....

Kim, I cannot express how special a friend you are to me and how much this surprise gift meant to me!  All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you, my dear SSF.

Now, for some more kindness, this time from some neighbours.  These neighbours live diagonally across from our back fence and we do not see them that often, just out in the street occasionally.  Well, TraderVic ran into Theresa last week after quite a long time, she asked after my DFIL and TraderVic had to tell her that he had passed away in January.  Well, she was quite shocked and saddened to hear this news and last night she dropped by with these gorgeous flowers for us - aren't they lovely? And so thoughtful of our neighbours.

Well, I did create some Gifted Gorgeousness of my own. This is another Ombre Cowl scarf (in quite a different colour way to mine) I knitted for my dear friend Marita's birthday.  She wears a lot of these strong colours, so it will match a lot of her wardrobe.

She was delighted with it, as you can see by the big smile on her face as she models it for you all.

Lastly, here is my FNSI from last night, which also fits into GG as I am stitching it as a baby gift for a friend. The design is called American Baby, I am probably about one-third of way through it now.

Anyway, that is all from me for now, I am off to check out everyone else's FNSI and GG.

Love to you all, 



Christine said…
What a thoughtful gift!
I love the colours in the cowl you knitted
KimM said…
Hi, Kaye - what lovely flowers and a beautiful cowl. Take care, my friend
krayolakris said…
My sympathies for your troubles this year. Bigs hugs and encouragement. You have a lovely blog!
Allie said…
Beautiful gifts your received - and gave! The colors in that cowl are just gorgeous. I'm sorry to hear you've had such a turmoil lately - big hugs, hon.
Love your little stitchery...
I am very sorry that you have been feeling below par....a lot to deal with all at once. How lovely was your kindness parcel. Your stitching is as always wonderful xx
Vickie said…
How very wonderful and thoughtful of Kim. And your neighbor.
I am praying for you Dad.
Cathy said…
What fun to receive such lovely gifts! I am so sorry for your loss. That was so nice of your neighbor to send flowers. Good neighbors are a treasure!
Elfie said…
I enjoyed my visit to your blog, and all your lovely pics. The baby sampler is just gorgeous. And so is the scarf - the colours are so cheery.
Linda said…
What a wonderful gift Kaye. The cowl is beautiful. Love your stitching piece.

Lija Broka said…
Well I hope things pick up for you soon! Also well done on that gorgeous scarf. Your friend looks very happy wearing it. And looking forward to seeing the remainder of that cute stitching. Hugs.
Dear Kaye, you have received a wonderful gift from Kim !!!
Uplietli have a beautiful scarf for girlfriend Marita!
Lovely gifts from Kim! I love the scarf you made, and the start on the baby sampler. Hope things get better for you soon! Big hugs
Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Kim's gift was lovely and so thoughtful. She received a little gift herself this week which does show what goes around comes around (in a nice way).
The scarf is lovely too, those colours are great.
I hope you are feeling a little bit more cheerful knowing how much people think of you, the flowers would make anyone smile.
Karen's Korner said…
What a cute stitchery that is going to be. Sorry to hear that you are having a rough time. Remember to take sometime for yourself.
Bea said…
Stitchy friends really are wonderful, aren't they? What lovely, thoughtful gifts Kim sent. Hope you feel much more settled soon and I'm sending prayers and best wishes for your Dad.

LOVE that scarf - the colours are fabulous, and your FNSI is coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing it grow.
Lizette Morales said…
Hi, Wow you received beautiful gifts I especially love the kitty purse. I like the bright colors on your friends scarf!!! Cheer up I know sometimes things get on us!!!! your sheep is coming along great!!!
Cath said…
Oh Kaye, so sorry to hear all those things that have made you less than your cheerful self. I fully understand as I had that kind of year last year. It is a terrible place to find yourself and I am sorry but I don't have any advise on how to get out of that funk except for time... or a really good holiday! Lots of love from your friend though, and that helps. love your tudor gifts.....so lovely i am almost a nasty shade of green just looking at them! :) Chin up sweetie......I am sure things will get better.
Barb said…
I think we all go through times like you are having. I read your post just after this one and I think you did just the right thing. A nice walk with a good friend and a very cute dog. I have also found a good book helps. I will keep your Dad in my prayers.
butterfly said…
So sorry Kaye you are not having a good time right now, life is such a roller coaster .
Try and think of all the good things you have right now and think of them at night .
Kim is such a sweet friend and such a sweet blessing for you.
Love all your work sending hugs and XXX .
Katherine said…
What beautiful gifts you received by such a thoughtful friend. I love your stitching projects and really love those cute sheepies!
Brigitte said…
Oh Kaye, you have wonderful friends and neighbours. Kim's package seems to have arrived just at the right moment to help you to feel a little bit better. And she has compiled a great package for you with such nice things to fondle and to enjoy.
Maria said…
Sorry you have been having a hard time. Nice to have thoughtful friends.
Lovely stitching.
Mii Stitch said…
Kim has been a real angel!!
Love that little knitted colourful scarf too :)
Miamina said…
Such beautiful gifts! How kind of Kim!
Lovely stitching and knitting and give your natural resilience some time to recover. It's had a few too many blows recently and needs some time to come to grips. I've been there too, so relax when you can and look for ways to be happy if you can.
Justine said…
What beautiful gifts from your stitching sister! Hope you feel better soon.
Stitching Noni said…
Kaye, I am so sorry to hear that you have been feeling a lot less cheery than usual.... I hope that things settle down and you start feel happier and back to normal soon :o)
Kim's gift is just gorgeous - I love how it is so Tudor inspired - perfect for you!
Hugs xx

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