Halloween Ornie SAL - May update ...

.... well, I didn't think I was going to get an ornie done by the end of the month, which is tomorrow.  But my quality controller got on my case, so I made a concerted effort last night to get my Pumpkin ornie finished: 

... and here is the result:

"King of Halloween"
Freebie from 
28 count Waterfall Blue Lugana 
(the photos do not do the colour justice - it is more a mint green)
Pumpkin: WDW Fiesta (my favourite colour for Halloween pumpkins)
Rest of design: various DMC threads

Anyway, that is this month for me - off to choose my June design.

Click on the wee ghostie below to check out what other people stitched for this month's SAL.



Bea said…
VERY nice! I'm agreeing with you about the WDW thread - makes a great looking pumpkin. By my time, you finished with 48 hours to spare!
Congrats on finishing and great choices on colours.
Melody said…
Love this, delightful
Shebafudge said…
Great finish! I love it. :)
cucki said…
so sweet x
Margaret said…
Great job! Glad your quality controller got on your case. :D
Beautiful stitching! Love this design :D
Linda said…
Congrats on the cute finish Kaye. Love your helper.

Very nice!
Change the colors when shooting is also my problem :-)
Ooo, déjà vu! Just commented in the Hallowe'en blog!
Barb said…
Very cute, I am so tempted to join that sew along!
Brigitte said…
A cute little finish. I have to go and look for the pattern.
Mii Stitch said…
Lovely, well done! A great Halloween freebie to add to my to stitch list :)

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