Quick update....

... and a Happy Dance before I go to work.

Here is my progress on Day 10 of Prairie Schooler's Santa's 12 Days of Christmas, the Sunday SAL I do with my dear friend, Linda, every Sunday.

My aim is to get this finished next Sunday, 31st so I can reach my goal of finishing it by end May.

Next up is a Happy Dance, a knitting one - some wrist warmers.

Just perfect for these cold mornings waiting for a train to work.

Well, not much else to report - I have been unwell all week (fluey, gastric buggy thing) and so off work for most of last week and so we had a quiet weekend.  Still not feeling 100% but I had better go back to work today or they won't remember who I am! lol!

Have a good week, everyone, hugs  


Excellent progress and lovely wrist warmers!
Barb said…
Both projects look great. I had never heard of wrist warmers but they do look like they would keep you nice and warm. Sure hope you feel much better soon.
Hope you feel better. Love your santa and warmers!
Hope you feel better. Love your santa and warmers!
Lovely progress on your Santa & beautiful warmers.
Hope you get better soon. love Annette
Heather said…
Cool project! Get well soon!
Great stitching and love the wrist warmers. Hope you feel better soon.
Vickie said…
I am sorry to hear you were unwell Kaye.
I have pink wrist warmers. ;) Yours are great!
I hope you feel better soon! Awesome stitching progress, and I love those wrist warmers! :D
Margaret said…
Hope you are feeling better soon. What a pain! I love your wrist warmers! They are wonderful! Love the Santa too!
Anthea said…
I'm sure you'll get that lovely stitching finished Kaye - feel better soon!
Linda said…
Great job on the wrist warmers Kaye. Awesome progress on Santa. Hope you feel better soon.

Maggee said…
Hope you get to feeling better! Great projects! Handwarmers will be handy, to keep you healthy!
Beautiful Santa and heater !!!
I hope that you feel 100% !!!
Bea said…
Hope you feel 100% very soon. Isn't it a nuisance having to be an adult and take care of our responsibilities? Great progress on Santa and love the wrist warmers. I hadn't heard of them either, but what a great idea!
Lovely leaping Lord!

My sister wears wrist warmers a lot but I never have. I do have some furry wrist covers which fill the gap between gloves and coat cuffs.
Renee said…
Great progress on your Santa! And the wrist warmers look so cozy!
Rachaeldaisy said…
What a sweet and happy santa! Those gloves are just what you need on these cold mornings. They have a beautiful textural pattern to them.
KimM said…
Santa looks like he's ready for Christmas! I LOVE the hand warmers - you are quite the knitter, Kaye!
the wrist/arm warmers are cute. Hope you're feeling better soon.
Steph said…
Beautiful wrist warmers. Hope you feel better. xox
Lovely stitching. And those wrist warmers look gorgeous and warm.
Lovely stitching. And those wrist warmers look gorgeous and warm.

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