Weekend Round up......

Oh, I think I ate too much this weekend!  It was all delicious, though!

It began on Friday lunchtime when I was able to have an unexpected lunch with DS2, who was down from Sydney and was working in the building opposite mine in Docklands!

So, I took him to a hidden gem of an Italian cafe in Docklands, called Caffe Bambino, very authentic Italian food and coffee.

Then, Friday night, we went to the HTC's production of The Three Sisters.  Extremely well done.  Beforehand our theatre group always goes to a Greek restaurant nearby called Byzantine, where I had the most delicious lamb dish.

Saturday night saw us at Madame Sousou again (we had been there a few months ago to celebrate my dear friend Marie's clean bill of health from her cancer), for a delicious French dinner to celebrate my very dearest friend, Kim's birthday.  She and I shared Chateaubriand and it was out of this world - the beef literally melted in your mouth.

Sunday morning was brunch with our daughter (poached eggs with aparagus wrapped in prosciutto).  Needless to say, TraderVic and I gave up eating for the rest of the weekend after all of this delicious food - lol!

However, there was some crafting going on, too.

I stitched a bit on my Pink version of "Counting" but I need really good light to stitch this one at the moment.  I also started Day 10 of my PS SAL with Linda, Santa's 12 Days of Christmas but there will be pics of those next time.

However, I did have a Happy Dance, I finished my ombre scarf!  

I am so thrilled with it!  It is bitterly cold here this morning and I am about to set off for work, so I will be toasty and warm this morning on the train platform!

Okay, have to dash, 



love your scarf, and the Italian meal looks so, so good.
Linda said…
Sounds like a yummy weekend Kaye. Love the scarf.

Barb said…
Sounds like a great food-filled week-end to me. What a nice photo of your handsome son. The scarf is beautiful. I hope it does keep you warm!
Anonymous said…
Wow Kaye all that food sounds so yummy and love your new scarf xx
Vickie said…
What a fabulous surprise to meet up with your son.
Great job on the scarf Kaye.
Cath said…
Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend.....good food, good company is alwlays a plus, but to craft on top of that.....wow! love, love the scarf!
Brigitte said…
Ohh, Italian food is so delicious. And asparagus, another delicacy that we had last week as well. Good that I have just had my breakfast so that I don't get hungry after reading your weekend report, lol.
Enjoy your lovely scarf.
butterfly said…
Sounds lovely all that food , I love eating out , but I must try and be good now for a few weeks ha.
Your scarf look wonderful , it looks nice and warm.
Margaret said…
Love your scarf -- so so pretty! Eating out is so much fun. I always love to do so. Sounds like just the right amount to me.
Bea said…
Love that scarf - the colours are beautiful. I forget that you're heading into winter while we're still waiting for spring to completely arrive. The meals out sound delicious and how great to have your son there. Definitely a good weekend all round.
Congratulations on finishing your scarf and wow, what a gastronomic weekend!
Ariadne said…
What lovely colours on your scarf! Is Madame Sousou a Greek restaurant too.AriadnefromGreece!
Oh Kaye, the good cuisine and good food !!!
Yummy :-)
The scarf is beautiful, let warms you well !!!
KimM said…
What a great weekend! And I love the scarf. Hopefully knitting won't overtake your stitching time..... hA! Whatever makes you happy.
Yummy! And that scarf looks awesome too. Great job! :D
Carol said…
Such a gorgeous scarf, Kaye--and a wonderful weekend!! I feel the same way--ate way, way too much over the past few days, but, boy, was it tasty :)
Anonymous said…
between you and these new food captchas that show up when commenting I'm hungry ALL. THE. TIME.!! :D
I LOVE your scarf, you must be so proud of it! great job!!
rosey175 said…
What a wonderful weekend of food! You do always seem to have delicious things about haha. Your scarf looks lovely and just in time for the cold, too. :D
Allie said…
That sounds like an absolutely delicious, international food weekend, lol!!! And wait just a minute - that is a pic of your son? And the last one is a pic of you? That can't be right, he has to be your brother. I love your new scarf!!!
Mmm food looks lovely. Your son is handsome!

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