FNSI, FF, IHSW and the Weekend Round Up ....

Well, again I had to start my Friday Frolics and FNSI stitching on Thursday evening as this week TraderVic and I were going to HTC to see the first play of the season, which if you scroll down you can read about shortly.

So, I randomly picked up this piece, which again I had started last year for DUCJFC.

This is where I left it last year:

... and after a Friday night of stitching....


... and then I spent the rest of the little time I had for stitching on the weekend on it for IHSW and got this far:


.... and now on to all of the fun things I did this past weekend:


Pre-theatre dinner beforehand was at our usual Greek restaurant, Byzantine.  I had the seafood platter and boy, it must have been good as you can see there was not one skerrick left!


Then it was down the road to view the first play of the HTC season:

It was rip roaringly funny!  

Here is the blurb about the play from the HTC website:

About the play

1939 and Hollywood is abuzz. Legendary film producer David O. Selznik has halted the shoot on his epic Gone With the Wind. The script is dreadful; the director clueless. Selznik has just five days to rewrite the script or the production will shut down. Determined to succeed, he locks himself in his office with a new director and new screenwriter – with only bananas and peanuts for sustenance – and the marathon creative session begins.

This hilarious farce perfectly captures the true life madness behind the scenes of one of the most successful films of all time.

If you get the chance to see it, I can highly recommend it!


Started off with breakfast with our very good friends, Linda and Terry at a local cafe, Mr Pebbles.
I had poached eggs with haloumi, pumpkin bread and rocket pesto, it was delicious and quite filling but that was okay as I was planning to skip lunch.


... and the reason I skipped lunch was because I went with my very, very dear friend, Kim to see a matinee of Ghost the Musical.



Now, Kim and I had lots of fun, as you can see above (and there were a couple of yummy cocktails each involved, too, I can tell you!) but I would have to say that the musical itself was fairly ordinary. The story is great but the songs were just blah! really, except for the iconic Unchained Melody, of course - which they managed to butcher and don't get me started on how they botched the also iconic pottery wheel scene!  I think that Kim and I did a better job - lol! 

After the show, we met the husbands for dinner at Trattoria Emilia, for some very authentic Italian food and then we hit White Night, this is when the city is alive with light shows and entertainment all night from 7pm to 7am - quite a sight, really!  We headed home about 10pm - no all nighters for us!




We saw cute cat videos at ACMI


A giant golden monkey climbing the Melbourne Town Hall.

... and other great sights.....



Started with my usual early morning walk with Marie and the Sunday Dog and then I popped over to see my Dad, do some shopping for him and catch up with DSister2 for her birthday:

.... and then, if all of this was not busy enough, TraderVic and I then went to see Deadpool in the late afternoon at our favourite cinema, The Rivoli.

My review of this film is that it is irreverent, quite violent, crude in parts but fun!

...finally, the weekend's shenanigans are over so let's skip to Tuesday:

So, I am home on the home stretch now, with Lizzie, my piece for my Tudor Tuesdays SAL blog
Last week:

This week:


Maybe one more Tuesday will do it?

... and that is me, signing off after yet another marathon post (sorry, I have now being writing this post since Saturday morning!!!!!  I hope that you got this far and haven't fallen asleep with boredom - lol!)



Bea said…
You certainly don't waste your weekends. do you? Your Friday/IHSW piece is lovely and Elizabeth is looking terrific.

Moonlight and Madness sounds like a lot of fun, but so sorry you were disappointed by the musical.

The food looks SO yummy.
Tiffstitch said…
Nice work on everything and what a fun weekend you had! I saw Deadpool over the weekend as well and also enjoyed it.
Margaret said…
Always enjoy hearing about your weekends. Love seeing your entertainment and food and oh my! Just lovely! Love your stitching too. Almost there!
Linda said…
Geez Kaye that made me tired just reading it. lol Sounds like a great weekend. Nice progress on your stitching.

Barb said…
Looks like you had a very busy but fun week-end! Elizabeth is looking wonderful!
Heather said…
Great post it sounds like you had a lot of fun! The food looks amazing :). I loved dead pool but I love sarcasm so I found him hilarious. And the fact that he was an anti hero lol.
butterfly said…
Looks like you were busy too this week .
Elizabeth is looking lovely.
cucki said…
Aww super sweet stitches :)
Love and smiles :)
Vickie said…
Wow! You sure packed a lot in one weekend.
Glad to see your Dad looking very well. :)
Ariadne said…
What a great full weekend! I loved the whole tour!AriadnefromGreece!
What a fun-filled weekend! I did think you'd popped over to Paris for one momnent in the middle LOL
Nice to see you got some stitching done inbetween all the food and entertainment.
Wow, Kaye, your life is interesting!
Your father still looks very good, you're happy daughter!
Melinda said…
I just love your posts. One of my favorite movies ever is Gone With the Wind - of course I read the book every Summer while I was in High School I think I would love to see the play. Love your review of Deadpool and Ghost the Musical too. And of course your stitching too... Thanks for sharing
Frances N said…
You are one busy person! And having fun every step of the way! The Gone with the Wind farce does look funny!
Sounds like you had a great time! Lovely stitching too :D
Annie said…
Wow you do more in one weekend than I do in two years! Sounds like a lot of fun:)
Brigitte said…
I always love your weekend wrap-up posts, they show me what great things you can do in the big city. And what I also love are your food pictures. They usually make me very hungry (that's the part that I don't like so much, lol) because I do my blog reading in the mornings, before breakfast :)

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