Don't you love it?

When the power of the WWW is used for good?  I was just doing some web browsing (my first chance for days as I have been so busy with my freelance publishing work and with being sick and with my infected tooth - lol!) and via one of my FB groups, I found a new designer to me (all of you probably already know of her, I am probs just behind the times - double lol!) and a new supplier of the most gorgeous hand-dyed and hand-painted fabrics.

Do you want to see who/what I am talking about?

Well, the designer is AuryTM and while I cannot find a website for her, she does have a FB page and, of course, 123 StitchABC Stitch Therapy and Stitch and Frog , to name just a few, all stock her designs.

This is the design which caught my eye on the FB group.

But I also really love this one.

These cover two of my stitching passions - Christmas and Hallowe'en!

The lady who finished the Christmas design on FB, stitched it on gorgeous hand-dyed fabric from Sunny#Dyes from a new-to-me fabric supplier, Youthful Hands Needlecrafts.  

Here is a sample of the stunning fabrics from their website.

Oh dear, I know where some of my hard-earned freelance money is going to go once my cheque arrives! lol!


P.S. I can promise you that I am in no way affiliated with any of the online shops or the designer mentioned here - I have posted about them because I am so delighted by my new online finds.


I really like the Christmas and Halloween!
Fabrics are unique, interesting!
Nice Sunday!
Justine said…
Some great finds - you naughty enabler!
Bev C said…
Hello Kaye,

They are stunning fabrics, hope you managed to get plenty of them.

Happy days.
KimM said…
Ah, yes...once again you have shared a gift....of enablement. Thank you, sweet friend -HA!
Mini said…
Ooh i love the fabrics
Heather said…
Ha I saw those and thought the same thing! I'd never heard of them before and wanted to check them out :)
Linda said…
Great finds Kaye.

I've seen both those Quakers before, they are fun aren't they?
Love the fabrics too. I'm guessing they are painted rather than hand-dyed? Love the first one with the moon and the trees. It would be perfect for any of the Nora Corbett Hallowe'en Pixies.
Mouse said…
love them both ... saw the christmas one on FB and thought coooo thats nice that fabric looks fun ...and could think of the fairy moon stitched on the moon one ... love mouse xxxx
Bea said…
Gorgeous fabrics - I'll have to go and check them out. Cute designs too!
Penny said…
It's always fun to discover new (to us) designers and that fabric is beautiful!
Brigitte said…
Oh my, Kaye, I looooove browsing the web for new designs and designers. And I have never had a problem to discover lots of new charts that I'd love to buy. And of course, sometimes I do it, in spite of my stash diet, lol. The two designs that you discovered, are just gorgeous. And that hand-dyed fabric a real dream. All these fabric dying companies always tempt me so much, too.
Julie said…
Fun fabric, I can see a lot of ladies enjoying purchasing some of that

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