Saturday = Fabday

So, despite a rocky start to the day with maybe breaking the little toe on my right foot  yesterday (scroll down once you have clicked to find out what happened), Saturday ended up being a fabulous day.

This is so, for two reasons.....

Reason One - The Humble Dumpling

A group of friends and I attended a Chinese dumpling making class yesterday. Oh, it was so much fun!  Very hands on and then we were able to sit around a big table together and eat the fruits of our labours. Wonderful!

It was run by the wonderful Angie Chong, who is the daughter of renowned Chinese chef and cookbook author, Elizabeth Chong.

If you live in Melbourne, I can highly recommend this as a fun activity to do with your friends.

(Please note: this clip is the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, we, of course, saw the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at Hamer Hall rather than the Opera House)

It was a fabulous show, with brilliant singing and wonderful musicians playing.  Something else that I can highly recommend.

Anyway, off to hobble around the house doing some stuff.  Watch out for my Gifted Gorgeousness post, coming up soon.

Have a great Sunday, everyone, 



Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye sounds like lots of fun,and everything looks so yummy xx
Bea said…
The dumplings look delicious, I'm glad it was a great class. And that clip sounds like it was a great evening. Did you start a new footwear fashion trend?
Brigitte said…
Oh great, Chinese dumplings. I have had them once and they were delicious. And once I saw a TV program about them and I was sitting there on my couch and my mouth was watering, lol.
Carol said…
What a fun way to spend a Saturday--they look wonderful!! Happy hobbling :)
Barb said…
What a fun event and it looks so delicious!
Lesley said…
Very tempting dumplings..I'd love to take a class like that.
Hope your toe is on the mend and not too bruised.
That looks like a fun day if you enjoy cooking. I'd just do the tasting!
Hope the toe is improving.
YUM!!! I'm obsessed with dumplings, and this looks amazing. You've just made me so hungry! :D
Tiffstitch said…
I'm glad you were able to do the activities even with a broken toe! Off to find out the hows and whys.
Julie said…
What a fun day!
Heather said…
How fun! The dumpling class seems fun and educational :)

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