Taiwanese Visitors_ Day Two

I thought that I would fill you all in some more on some of the great things there are to do in Melbourne (the world's most liveable city, five years in a row now) by showing you the fun we had with the Taiwanese visitors on Day Two of their stay.

We began our day with a visit to the very beautiful Fitzroy gardens in East Melbourne. The gardens were named after Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy, who was the first Governor of New South Wales and then Governor-General of the Australian colonies. The gardens are over 150 years old and are a major attraction in Melbourne.

It is not only home to beautiful plants, trees and wonderful statues and fountains but contains a number of interesting sites. These include:

Captain Cook's cottage, the home of the English 'discoverer' of Australia. It was brought over from England.

The Fairies Tree, carved by Ola Cohn for the children of Melbourne

Sinclair's cottage, a nineteenth century gardener's cottage in the Italianate style

A miniature Tudor Village, a gift from the City of Lambeth, England to the City of Melbourne, in thanks for the generosity of Melbournians in sending food to Britain during WWII.

You can read about all of these and more, by clicking either the link above or this link here

After the gardens, we caught a tram into town and wandered around the historic arcades of Melbourne, especially the Block Arcade and the Royal Arcade. Then it was off to Parliament house for a tour and High Tea in Strangers Corridor. Strangers corridor is where 'Strangers' to the parliament ie guests of parliamentarians or the public on non-parliament session days can sit and have a meal.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon as I had never been inside Parliament House before and it was so magnificent.  A lot of that gold found during the gold rush somehow found its way onto the walls - lol!

Queen Victoria

The parliamentary library was my very favourite part of the building - probably because I started out my teaching career as a teacher-librarian.

High tea was elegant and delicious.

So many stunning buildings in Melbourne, aren't there?

I hope that you have enjoyed this post, I certainly enjoyed the day with my Taiwanese visitors.



Bea said…
Wow, a city where you can walk and gawk - love it. The high tea looks delicious. And Parliament magnificent - just look at those rooms.
Barb said…
I'm sure your visitors enjoyed seeing this amazing city, I know i did. Thanks for sharing so many photos!
Melbourne is a beautiful city!
Did you have a nice day and your friends were happy!
Thank you for sharing!
I send greetings to Melbourne!
Ariadne said…
That tour would have fascinated me as well!AriadnefromGreece!
Tiffstitch said…
Gorgeous photos!
FlashinScissors said…
Amazing photo tour Kaye! Thank you for sharing!
Hugs, Barbara xx
What a wonderful city. I do love a model village, I can just imagine the committee meeting "So, we're really grateful to the Aussies, what shall we give them to say thanks? They have so much already. I know, let's give them a model Tudor Village. I bet they don't have one of those!"
Love the carved tree and all the gorgeous ceilings.
Margaret said…
I enjoy seeing the sights along with your Taiwanese visitors. Such wonderful things to see -- love that carved tree!
Kimberley said…
It indeed is an incredible city - we are just back from a 4 day trip visiting late last night. I'm un-packing all my goodies bought while there and have many pics of the fab buildings too. I'll add the Parliamentary Library to the schedule next time.
Sheryl S. said…
Wonderful city and photos Kay, thank you for sharing. Just love the Fitzroy gardens and the amazing ceilings at the library. incredible.
Julie said…
Your friends must be having such a wonderful time. The High tea looks delicious.
Heather said…
Great pictures!

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