A quick update on my Dad.....

.... and on my roses and some Stash Empire Building...

But first, I must thank everyone who has sent me messages of support for Dad. (You can read about what happened in this post here.) He is doing well and the big news is, after over a week of nursing home visits, endless phone calls to case workers, social workers, nursing home business managers and the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) by my two sisters, myself and TraderVic, we have found him a lovely nursing home.

It is called The Alexander (just like my eldest son) and is a small, family-run nursing home.  Some of the nursing homes we looked at were very large and we just think that Dad would get lost and overlooked.  Honestly, his leg could be on fire and he would just ask the nurse for a glass of water and try to put it out himself, without one word of complaint.  So, we need somewhere smaller for him, so that he is noticed, so to speak.  

He will be moving to his new home on Monday, so I think that may be an emotional day for all of us.

Now, in my absence, my roses have been running riot.  They are just stunning this year, so far.  Here are my latest pics.

Oh, and as usual, I had fun with my Impresso App on my phone and here is the same pic as above as an Impressionist painting.

Cool App, isn't it?

Now, to the Stash Empire Building.  I had a smidgeon of free time yesterday, so what did I do with it.  Visited one of my favourite shops in the world, of course.  My LNS, Lazy Daisy.  The lovely Wendy and Sue, always make me feel welcome, are up for a chat and naturally, are happy to feed my Stash Empire Building addiction - lol!

So, here is what I came home with....

Some cute Lizzie Kate Christmas Designs...

Love the sheep and the Leaping Deer on this booklet.

Can't make up my mind whether to stitch Santa in his nightgown or "Is it too late to be good?" first, these are two seriously cute designs!

I also, picked up my Whooligan fabric which had been ordered for me.  But do you notice something strange?  In the photo of the design, the fabric is blue but what came is definitely gray but it does have sparkles, so I am happy with that!

I also chose these four Drawn Thread designs, (I am sucker for seasonal designs, especially in a series).  Although, I may brighten some of the floss colours up a bit, I will do a floss toss first though, and then decide.

 ... and lastly, I chose this trio of smalls from Plum Street Samplers....

I am quite drawn to crows at the moment - I seem to see them wherever I go - not sure if that is significant or not.  This is the rhyme regarding the number of Crows that you see.  At different times lately, I have seen one or two or three at a time but never more than that.

One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for a girl,
Four for a boy,
Five for silver,
Six for gold,
Seven for a secret,
Never to be told.
Eight for a wish,
Nine for a kiss,
Ten for a bird,
You must not miss.

Okay, that is all for now, my next post (probably later today) will definitely be the gorgeous garden of the B&B we stayed at on Kangaroo Island.

If you want to follow the earlier posts about our trip to Kangaroo Island, please click on the links below:

Oh, one more thing.  Today is Remembrance Day.

This year 11 November marks the 98th anniversary of the Armistice which ended the First World War (1914–18). Each year on this day Australians observe one minute’s silence at 11 am, in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts.

Lest we forget

Now, that is definitely it for this post, 

Talk again soon, 



Linda said…
Glad you found a place for your dad Kaye. Love your new stash.

Bea said…
I'm so pleased you found a place for your dad and I agree with you about a smaller place. Care is usually much more personal there.

Your roses are gorgeous! I especially like the ones in the second photo.

Great choices for your new stash - some fun stitching in your future.
The roses are fabulous!! Love the Lizzie pattern with the sheep! I'm glad you found a place for your dad. Those places can be really good to help ease loneliness and help with care!!
Von said…
Your roses are amazing! I just love that first flush of the season with its abundance!

Great to hear you've found a good place for your Dad. I think the smaller, family style home will suit him quite well. :)
marly said…
Finally getting back on a workable computer and catching up. I'm so sorry to read of your dad's night time terror. I hope the place you chose will be an attentive and caring facility that he will feel comfortable and safe in. Roses are lovely, your toe and the opossums, not so much.
Lesley said…
That is good news regarding your dad,Kaye.I hope his move goes as well as possible for you all.
Gorgeous roses and lovely stash
Vickie said…
The news for your father sounds so very promising Kaye. Your roses look very lovely in pink. :)
KimM said…
Oh my goodness, Kaye! I had no idea about your Dad or your foot. I hope all settles down soon. Great additions toy our stash. Please take care
I'm sure your Dad will b very happy, the gentlemen usually get quite a lot of attention in those homes because there are fewer of them!
The roses are gorgeous again.
I have those four Drawn Thread, I feel a SAL coming on! One every three months should be manageable for us both!
Oh yes, we have that same rhyme but for magpies here. Ours are not as vicious as the one side you showed us before.
I was pleased the good news about your father, I wish him good health!
Roses are beautifu
Margaret said…
I hope your father's move to the nursing home goes well and that he's happy there. Beautiful roses! Great stash! I have been enjoying your trip posts too!
Brigitte said…
So great to hear that you found an appropriate nursing home for your dear Dad. I know how nerve wrecking this can be. I do hope that he feels perfectly well there and that the people who care for him are friendly and kind.
Your new haul looks so so great, Kaye. And I have just realized that it's a long time since I ordered something. So maybe a little order is in sight lol.
Heather said…
I'm glad things worked out with your dad :) I adore the orange roses they're so happy!

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