Wending our way home ...

.... from Kangaroo Island.

Well, all good things have to come to an end and so we come to the end of our stay on wonderful Kangaroo Island.

However, we managed to squeeze in some more good food and spectacular views on our last morning on KI.

First we visited the Honey farm.  Where we had a honey tasting and, of course, I did come home with some lovely honey.  I did think that these bee biscuits looked very cute.


KANGAROO ISLAND is a Ligurian Bee Sanctuary

Kangaroo Island is the world's oldest bee sanctuary and is home to the only pure strain of Ligurian Bee in the world. Due to their isolation they have remained free of the major bee diseases, which infect mainland bees. Bees cannot fly to Kangaroo Island because it is too far, even with strong winds to propel them. To protect their genetic purity and disease free status all bees, beehives, used beekeeping equipment, honey, pollen, beeswax or other hive products are restricted from entering KI.

Source: http://www.cliffordshoney.com.au/quarantine.php

Apparently, sometime in the late nineteenth century, some Italian immigrants brought some Ligurian bees with them/or imported them to Kangaroo Island. These are now the only pure bred Ligurian bees in the world.  Isn't the world fascinating?

After the Honey Farm, we headed off to try to find a place that had been recommended to us by some fellow travellers, one night at the Penneshaw pub, as having great pizzas, Frogs and Roses.

There were pretty flowers (as the name suggests but no frogs - lol!) and truly delicious pizzas for lunch.

A cute quilt on display....

... and I loved this very sweet Little Boy Blue tea set but I resisted - honestly, my home is full to busting with pretty china already.

We ate outside in the sunshine, surrounded by the pretty garden.

Kim and I loved the contrast of the red stems with the green leaves of the rhubarb.

... and I don't think that I have ever seen such a pretty colour on a banksia before.

On the way back to the ferry terminal at Penneshaw, we made a few stops for me to take my last photos of Kangaroo Island.... 

The turn-off for American River

A distant view of Penneshaw, with Australia way off in the distance....

A couple of last minute pics aroudn Penneshaw ....

... and look, here is our ferry, coming to take us back to mainland Australia.

Thankfully, it was a very smooth ride back.

So, it was back home via Tailem Bend (same old, same old - same motel, same pub for dinner) but the next morning we found a gem on the road home.

We stopped at Coonalpyn for breakfast at this roadside stop along the Duke's Highway, called Waffles & Jaffles, where we had the most delicious waffles.

You can read more about it here.

... And lastly, we passed the Grampians on our way back home.

I can honestly recommend Kangaroo Island as a holiday destination, well worth the effort of getting there.

I hope that you have enjoyed this trip with me and remember, click on any of the following links if you wish to backtrack.



Bea said…
What a wonderful ending to your getaway and I'm so glad the sail home was a calm one. I love the flowers and the food looks really delicious.
Barb said…
I have really enjoyed your trip to the lovely Kangaroo Island!!
Linda said…
Really enjoyed seeing all of the pictures from your trip Kaye.

KimM said…
What a grand trip! Wonderful pictures - the waffles look yummy.
Anthea said…
Great pics there Kaye... what a great place!
Brigitte said…
It was so very interesting to read about the ligurian bee. There aren't many places in the world any longer where bees are protected from diseases and from exploitation.
A worthy end of your trip, I think.
Lesley said…
what a wonderful end to your trip,beautiful photos and interesting learning about the Ligurian bees.
I've just been to Heather's blog with her snow and now lovely summery sunshine with you! Interesting story about the history of the bees. I am glad they are protected so well.
The waffles look delicious.
Wow, Kaye, it is very interesting! Bees, I gave my husband a link, he is a beekeeper. Tea set - I could not resist it!
Well thank you!
Stitching Noni said…
Wow! What a lovely post - full of gorgeous pictures! The colours of the flowers are stunning. I have always wanted to visit Kangaroo Island - one day! Thank you for sharing your holiday... it was great to look at all the pics and experience it with you :o)
Hugs xx
Margaret said…
Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. it was so much fun to live vicariously through your pictures! (So interesting about the bees!!)
Julie said…
I've had a lovely catch up ...... beautiful blanket you are knitting, Spring looks wonderful. Stunning pictures you have captured on the Island, spectacular places you have visited. The bee biscuits are adorable.
Sheryl S. said…
Wonderful photos Kaye, beautiful views, yummy food and that gorgeous boy blue tea set. Interesting about the bees.
Heather said…
Fascinating about the bees. More great pics!

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