Christmas is coming, 2016 .... Part Seven

In recent years, as my Christmas buying list has got simpler as the children have become adults, I have made a real effort to buy my gifts locally.  

I do this for two reasons:  One, I try to avoid the crowds and the commercialism of the shopping malls; and Two, I want to support my local shopping centres so that the traders can stay in business.

Obviously, the Ivanhoe traders agree with me as this year, the pavements were covered in the following very cute symbols....

Oh, I also completed the Final Finish on my Xmas Tea cushion, so it has been added to the Christmas grotto display. 

Thank you to all of those who gave me advice on this post as to which fabric to choose to complement the design. As you can see, I chose the second fabric.  As always, your advice and kind comments were greatly appreciated.

I have been doing a series of these "Christmas is coming" posts, if you would like to check them out, please click the links below:

Isn't Christmastime so much fun?



Linda said…
Love all of your Christmas is coming posts Kaye.

Merry Christmas,
Barb said…
Great pillows Kaye. Have a very Merry Christmas.
Linda in Calif. said…
Yes I agree Christmas is fun. I love the my lights and tree up. Those street arts designs are so cute - makes even me want to shop in Ivanhoe! Cute little pillow. Merry Christmas!
I wish you a peaceful Christmas!
Bea said…
Love your latest finish. I think it's a good idea to shop locally if at all possible.
Brigitte said…
A very pretty little tea cushion, Kaye, and so nicely finished.
I shopped very locally this year. Most of it came from the shop where I work, the rest from shops within 100 yards as I only get short breaks!
The tea pillow looks lovely with all the others.
Heather said…
Great finishes! I avoid any out-of-house shopping that time of year. I feel safe after the first week of January :)

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