Well, despite being one book ahead at the end of October in my Reading Challenge Goal of read/listen to 150 for 2018, I turned out to miss my goal by FOURTEEN books!  What a shame!  My only excuse is that November and December were both a heck of a month with stresses and strains with making the move to the new house (more of that in an upcoming post) and so very little time to read.  And so far, January is promising to be just as busy as we are still settling in and TraderVic is determined to get everything shipshape as quickly as possible.

Still, I did keep reading and fourteen books is not that far off my goal and 2019 is a new year, so let's go for broke and aim for 

Yep, you read it right - 160 books!

I had better get cracking, hey?

Here is wishing you and yours a wonderful new year.

Cheers to 2019!


P.S. The best of the books above were:
  •     The Faith Martin books (natch!)
  • Year One by Norah Roberts - loved the narration on this one although it was very reminiscent of The Stand by Stephen King, which I re-read after reading Year One)
  •     Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence (Book 2 in a great fantasy series)
and American Princess was pretty interesting, too.

P.P.S. I haven't forgotten the winners of my latest Girl's Nest Giveaway - I will get it all posted soon (just as soon a I move it all across to the new house)

P.P.P.S. I promise that I will post some more updates to show you all the finished house very soon and, of course, maybe a cross stitch post or two, as well (lol!).


Linda said…
Happy New Year Kaye. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Julie said…
Happy new year Kaye .... Wishing you lots of happy times in your new home. (And relaxed ones once you are settled in!) X
gracie said…
Very ambitious new year reading! Good for you. Happy New Years and congratulations on your new home.
Mia said…
Wow Kaye!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE READING BOOKS, too!!!!!!!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, my dearest friend!!!!!!!!!!
Barb said…
Wow! That is an amazing goal. I just read as I go, no goal but I do read almost everyday. I'm looking forward to seeing your new house photos!
Christine said…
That's quits a goal - good luck!
Vickie said…
Happy reading my friend!!
Margaret said…
I'm impressed! Sadly, I seem to have sharply declined in my reading this past couple of years, especially this past year. I think there are various reasons why. I'm going to try to read more this year!
Sheryl S. said…
Goodness Kaye, what a lot of books. I don´t seem to find time to read these days, all books here cost a fortune and I don´t much enjoy reading in Spanish. Hope you will be happy in your new home. Happy New Year.
Tiffstitch said…
Happy New Year! I'm way behind, but have you read the Nevermoor books? By an Aussie I think and there's 2 out now, they're YA, but I really, really enjoyed them.
RJ said…
Happy New Year Kaye! You still have accomplished alot of reading even with the big move. I look forward to seeing you all settled in your new home. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever
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