Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas everyone.

(Sorry it is a bit late but DS1 and DIL are home for Christmas after two years away in Brunei - so I am just a tad busy at the moment).

Also, I must admit that this is only my second post for 2019!  For some reason, I have totally lost my blogging mojo but Jo has managed to lure me out of my funk for the Advent Calendar.  Hopefully, I will feel the need to blog again next year but who knows?

However, I have been stitching all year long and, as luck would have it, I have been stitching "Christmas"!  

Let's take a peek....

I literally just finished this little beauty this morning in lieu of breakfast before I went to work at 7am.  I added the Christmas 2019 to the design.

... and here is everything else Christmas that I have stitched this year, in various stages of finishing and in no particular order (The named ornies are for my work colleagues).

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Now, don't forget to pop back to Jo's blog to see all the other days.


P.S. Ooops, I forgot to tell you my favourite Christmas movie(s).  I have three:

It's a Wonderful Life

Miracle on 34th St (1947 one, preferably)

Love Actually (DS1 and I watch this every year - even when he is living overseas!)


Cathy said…
That's a lot of Christmas stitching! I've missed your blogs, too.
Kay said…
You have been busy with Christmas stitching, it all looks wonderful. It is lovely to see you blogging again. x
Maggie said…
That is a lot of lovely Christmas stitching :-)
My favourite film is Miracle on 34th Street, but the newer version with Richard Attenborough
DJ said…
What lovely stitching! I've made the little mittens before, but love how you added the wording! I'm so excited for you that your family will be there for Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and welcome back to blogging!!
Astrids dragon said…
Sorry that you haven't been blogging, but at least you've been stitching - and plenty of stitching! So many lovely pieces, I'm not sure I can pick a favourite.
I've seen A Miracle on 34th street this year, I just need to watch the other two.
Happy Christmas, how wonderful to have the family together.
Ariadne said…
Missed you dear. Too bad you don't feel like blogging anymore. Just like me. But at least I managed to follow Jo's challenges for most part of the year. I am now trying to get my cross stitch mojo back. At least you didn't miss this one. Thanks for all the lovely photos and movie suggestions. Have a great time till and at Christmas. AriadnefromGreece!
Christine said…
Beautiful stitching! Love Actually is my favourite too
Happy Christmas
Thanks for coming out of Blogging Retirement to join in with the Advent Calendar Blog Hop this year.
I love the little red mittens and all your lovely festive stitching. A post truly worth waiting for.
Elfie said…
Such a lot of beautiful Christmas stitching! You've staeted my fay with a big smile!
Merry Christmas!
Elfie said…
I did mean 'day'!
You have certainly been working hard on your Christmas stitching.
jocondine said…
So many lovely Christmas charts, love the skating couple (could be a nice choice for my "skating collection"). Joyeux Noël ! xxx
Shelly said…
An absolute beautiful lineup of stitching! Obviously, you haven't tired of stitching, lucky us! Miss you blogging though. That's another vote for that movie I've seen!
beadgirl said…
WOW that's a lot of stitching. Merry Christmas!
Sheryl said…
A lot of lovely different stitched pieces, you have been busy. Happy Christmas.
Mary's Thread said…
What a great many cute Christmas stitches you have there! Thank you for sharing them! Merry Christmas!
I love, love, love your advent calendar.
FlashinScissors said…
So much gorgeous stitching! Well done you!
I thought I’d commented already but I guess not!
My fav movie too!
Nice to see you blogging again!
Barbara xx
Beth in IL said…
You have been busy stitching. Love all the little ornaments.
Bethan said…
So much stitching! And all so lovely. It's great to see you - I have missed your blogs. Happy Christmas to you and your family x
Barb said…
So much wonderful stitching! You and I have that in common, lots of stitching but very little blogging! Maybe you will set a good example for me!

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