Oh Dear!.....

[Warning: long post]

Oh dear, I have not blogged for what seems the longest time (24 days now!!!!!)  and I have really missed it.  I have had a chance to catch up with a few blogs but my blog reading has been sporadic at best - not like me at all - and it has taken me a week to write this post!!!!! There have been a number of reasons for my absence from blogland and if you  are interested please read on, I promise that there are a couple of stitchy pics at the end and, of course, a Furio pic!

Here we go:

1. My DFIL (nearly 86 - who lives with us) collapsed when he was out visiting some friends and was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he was diagnosed with dehydration and a urinary tract infection.  Apparently because he had the UTI he had stopped drinking water as it was painful to urinate and this is a real worry as he only has one kidney.  TraderVic and I are finding it increasingly difficult to look after DFIL as he is becoming more and more difficult in his behaviour and about dealing with his health properly and this puts a lot of pressure on us as we both work full time.  However, luckily, DFIL was only in hospital for a couple of days and is home again but we are still very worried about him and what the future holds and what the best way of caring for him is going to be. [And you might remember that only a couple of weeks before that my DM (90 yo) was in hospital with pneumonia - so I am quite exhausted with worry and concern.]

2. My arm was burnt by a hot cup of tea.  DS2 kindly made me a lovely cup of tea but then proceeded to spill some on my arm!  As it was freshly made the tea was boiling hot and my skin blistered almost straight away - it was very painful for well over a week.

3. Work has been frantic - I have had to forensically analyse a number of our publications to get them ready for a new concept which we have been working on - this involved very close scrutiny on my computer screens (I work with a double screen) - the pressure was really on to get it done within a very short time frame - so it has been very intense and absolutely exhausting and makes it very difficult to face getting onto a computer to do any blogging, no matter how enjoyable it is.

4. Plus at work we have had the removalists in as the part of the business which is in Port Melbourne and the part that is elsewhere is being brought together into one, new, state of the art building in the DBD (yay! I will be able to train it in, in less than half an hour rather than a one hour or so drive through peak hour traffic!).  However, we have been culling our shelves and reducing our storage for over a year now and now it has really heated up as the move is only a couple of weeks away so as we sit and work the removalists are packing up boxes and removing shelving, etc.,  around us!  Necessary but quite disruptive!

5. Olympic fever hit the house - my family are SPORTS MAD!  We Aussies love a good Olympics and my family is no exception!  DD is planning to be a Sports Journalist so it was Olympics, Olympics, Olympics all day and nearly all night.  This was really disruptive to my sleep patterns as even though I might go to bed, everyone else was up half the night, which made it hard to get a good night's sleep - so I would lay there worrying about my parents, DFIL, how to get all of my work done, what we were having for dinner tomorrow night, how on earth am I going to fit any exercise into my day/week/life?  you know, all the usual stuff.  However, they do all now they all have Olympic hangovers - lol!

6. I "bought" a new toy - using my flybuys points from supermarket shopping at Coles - an ipad!  I am loving it, but playing with it and learning how to use it has taken up more of my very little spare time.

7. Lastly, all of this stress, worry, overwork and lack of sleep has led me to develop a skin condition on my face called Rosacea.  You can read about it here but I warn you, at its worst the pictures of sufferers are quite upsetting if you do decide to follow further links.  I am finding having this condition (I have a sore, red rash plus acne type pimples - DD and DS2 say that I have some sort of medieval disease - I used to teach both of them medieval history at High School - it made me laugh, did they mean leprosy or the plague? lol!) rather stressful in itself as it is right in the middle of my face and whilst I have lots of body flaws (being overweight for one) I have always been praised for my beautiful skin and whilst I try not to be vain I am finding it hard to deal with this condition.  The doctor has put me on antibiotics for SIX MONTHS! and an antibiotic cream, as well and I have been told that it will be a slow process.  And, of course, one of the triggers is stress and as I said,  I am under a lot of stress at home with DFIL, worried about what will happen with my mum and dad (at their age they will not be able to live on in their own home for much longer) and now I think that I am back where I started!

Thank you so much for "listening" if you have read this far - now for a bit of a reward - some stitchy and Furio pics:

I have been working on my Secret Santa Swap and whilst I cannot tell you what I am doing, I can show you some sneak peeks.

I am also doing the Lizzie Kate Mystery Halloween SAL and here is my progress so far.  Lots of stitchers are doing this one and it is a fun stitch so far:

And to finish off, here is a pic of my darling Furio.  One of my colleagues came to my home to work with me the other week.  Furio, of course, needed a cuddle and here he is snuggling into my dear colleague.  She, of course, was trying to get some work done!  But she did love the cuddle and tried to smuggle Furio home with her!  lol!

Well, I am finally done.  Thank you so much for listening - it means a lot to me.



Oh dear indeed! you are going through a rough patch - I hope the medication cream you are on works for you making your skin beautiful again and enjoy some hot aromatherapy baths light some candles and try to relax a bit, d-stress.
Catherine said…
You certainly have had quite a bit on your plate. Definitely take time for yourself ~ hugs!
Bea said…
Oh dear Kaye, you are really in the middle of it, aren't you? Ageing parents are a BIG concern and it's so hard to pick the right option when it comes to their care. And work stress doesn't help, even if you know the end results are going to be good. Just relax as much as you can (I know, easier said than done) and remember that looking after you is not selfish, it's essential!

Love the picture of Furio.
sharine said…
Not good. Sending you nothing but the best thoughts and big hugs that things start going a bit more smoother for you soonxxx
cucki said…
oh deary..you are in my thoughts and prayers..
sending you lots of love xxx
I'm so sorry you're going through all of this stress right now! I hope things get better soon, and that your stitchy projects are at least bringing you some kind of comfort. Much love!
Anonymous said…
Kaye what a busy lady you are,i dont know how you do it.Hope your arm and face get better soon,my DD1 has Rosacea and breaks out every now and then.Hope you had a lovely weekend Kaye and take care.xx
Cath said…
Goodness me, does sound like a very stressful time. Try and take some time out for yourself. I had a bad case of Pityriasis Rosea all over my torso and upper legs a couple of years ago. It was the worst thing in the world and didn't go away for 8 weeks despite the creams from the doctor. I really feel for you right now.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs
Faith... said…
oh Kaye - so much going on! Sorry to hear about your FIL. Hope your arm is healing nicely it looks quite painful.

Hoping your life slows down a bit and some of the stress will disappear with that and in turn the rosacea will clear up.
Shirlee said…
Kaye ... You poor dear! I am so sorry that you have been having to deal with all these stresses in your life. I will be praying for you. I have rosacea so I can sympathize with you. Hang in there ... life will get better.
Shebafudge said…
Sorry to hear you are having such a tough time of it at the moment. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. xx
gracie said…
You really are in the thick of it all... take a deep breath and stitch! Hope it all sorts out soon.
Linda said…
Hi Kaye. Sorry your going thru so much stress right now. (I've been crying for 4 days). Love your mystery sampler, I just got part one. Hang in there, things will get better.

stress can affect people in many different way, and you are having more than your fair share of stress at the moment. I hope things quiet down for you soon,

Chris said…
Wow! I hope things settle down soon and that everyone is ok.
Your stitching loooks great.
That Furio isn't shy is he??
Your in my thoughts, Kaye. Hoping that all will soon be well.
Sisbabestitches said…
I hope you hit a smooth patch soon. The sneaks of your Secret Santa project look great, I am intrigued.
beagleAnnie said…
Oh, dear.I hope all things settle down soon, Kaye.
Furio pic is so funny!
What a litany of disasters and troubles, you are having a difficult time, these things seem to come all at once sometimes.
I hope things improve soon for you (((hugs)))
Mouse said…
ohh (((HUGE HUGS ))) hope things settle down for you soon :)
take care .. love mouse xxxx
got day off today sooo catching up on everything :) xx
Joysze said…
Ahhh, Kaye... sending you lots and lots of hugs!!!! i hope things are better now.

Love your hot pink iPad smart cover. :D

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