Just to prove some stitching has been happening....

Yes, despite the many long hospital visits to my Mum, looking after my 94 year old father, endless phone calls/emails/texts/FB chats to family and friends about what is happening with my mother and the many crying jags I have (it is very hard to see your mother in pain like this and she is not herself with it - yesterday as I was trying to feed her lunch (which she must eat to get her strength back up) she accused me of torturing her, being very cruel and told me that she wished I had never been born! Very hard to take with any equanimity.)  BUT I HAVE BEEN STITCHING!

Would you like to see?

The last time you saw Medusa the Lavender Fairy she looked like this:

Now, she has wings, a neck and one shoulder:

I don't know why but I am really struggling with this piece.  Maybe it is the three shades of flesh-coloured thread which are really difficult to distinguish?

Now for my train stitching.....  I have started a second version of FRIENDS, I am enjoying this so much - it is such a great piece to stitch on the train.  I am changing some of the colours around,  as you can see.  I can see several more of these in my future.

Still on Train stitching, I had a Happy Dance, I finished Bienvenue....

I am actually pretty chuffed by this one - everyone was so supportive of my colour choices and I do think that is has come up pretty well.

Have to dash now - train to catch, stitching to do!

Blessed Be,


Almira said…
Your stiching is just lovely and what a wonderful finish.
Anonymous said…
oh kaye my heart goes out to you.
Lovely stitching.xx
Lizette Morales said…
Beautiful stitching!!!! I offer you my prayers for your mom she gets well!!! :-) !!!!
Oh Kaye my Heart goes out to you...a very difficult place you are in at the moment.

Your stitching is as lovely as always...I love it!
sharine said…
It's so hard. Try and take care. Great stitching:)
Jan Gartlan said…
Sorry to read about your struggles with your mother at the moment. I hope life settles down for you soon. I love your finish! Your fairy is worth the effort too xox
Barb said…
Great stitching. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. That has to be so difficult.
Beautiful Stitching, you seem to get a lot done on the train.
Simply Victoria said…
Bienvenue is gorgeous! Hang in there with your mom.
Stitching Noni said…
Oh Kaye, i am so sorry to hear that things are not so good with your mum - it must be so hard for you all at the moment.
Your stitching looks great - well done on your progress and finishes :)
Hugs x
Bless you Kaye! You must know that your mom isn't herself. And for her to say very hurtful words to you - know that SHE LOVES YOU regardless. You are a devoted lovely wonderful daughter whose doing all she can for her mom and her dad. Sending you love and hugs for strength:) and preying for you too.
Your Fairy is so Beautiful. Thank goodness for our stitching, in good times and bad. YOU have a wonderful week. Be sure you get your rest and eat too.
love Annette
Lija Broka said…
I wouldn't put so much attention to her words. Whenever I take my brother (7) on trips, interactive museums, zoo, castles he complains all day long, 'this is the worst day' of his life, he hates me etc. But when we get home before bed if someone were to ask him did he have fun, he'd say yes. Similarly if you make a child eat healthy foods it is a torture etc. And is widely known that the older we get the closer to being we are. With our little tantrums. Friends is looking very good. Love the colours especially the lilac going to green combo (or is it variated?) dress. Bienvenue is a good choice of colour too. What are you going to make out of it? Good luck with your struggles and continue stitching (it does let the stress out).
cucki said…
Sorry to read about your struggles with your mother health at the moment....
sweet stitching
sending you big hugs x
Melanie K said…
Wow Kaye - these are all just amazing. Maybe I need to move nearer a train line to get more time in the day for craft LOL.
Thinking of you and your parents - remember to take time for you too ♥ ♥
Chiara Levorato said…
I'm so sorry for you Kaye, it must be really hard sometimes, but you know she doesn't mean what she says. sending you and your family all my best wishes and hugs.
I love Bienvenue and Friends, the fairly still looks a little creepy without eyes. how can you look at her like that?! ;)
happy xxx,
♥ Nia said…
Oh sweetie, you can't pay much attention to her words right now.. I can imagine it's not nice to hear but she doesn't actually mean that. she's just in pain and needs to put it out somehow.. those who love her more, who are closer to her, end up taking it all. It's part of the process but you can't let that affect you, in your heart you know better =)

Great work on your stitching!! Good progress, stitching helps to clear your mind ;) keep it up!!

I'm so sorry you have to go through these difficulties, Kaye. I hope things get better soon. Your stitching is beautiful, as usual! :D
Muy bonitos tus bordados!!!
Vickie said…
Oh dear Kaye. I am praying for you and your mother and father.♥ I am so sorry.
Your Bienvenue turned out great! So very different from mine.
Shirlee said…
God bless you Kaye! You know your mum loves you dearly ... even in these times which are so difficult for her. I'm glad you are able to find some time for stitching. Continuing to keep you in my prayers.
Catherine said…
Beautiful stitches! Continuing to send healing thoughts and prayers to you and your mom....
Linda said…
Congrats on the awesome finish Kaye. Wonderful progress on your other pieces.

Kate said…
Lovely stitching. Congrats on your finish.
Sending you hugs.
Miss Lilly said…
Lovely stitching. Bienvenue is beautiful, the colours are so pretty :)
On the plus side, at least she knows who you are! My Nana thought her daughter was her Mother.

Bienvenue is beautiful and I love the stitching friends' dress colours.

As for the RR piece, there is always one we struggle with for no apparent reason!
valerie said…
Hang in there Kaye! I know it's hard as I'm going through a similar situation. At least my mom knows I'm doing all I can to help but my dad is another story. Lovely stitching! Do whatever you need to destress. I need to follow my own advice. There's just so much to do!
Valma said…
Bienvenue is wonderful ! very well done sweetie
how will you finish it ?
and the fairy doesn't look like Medusa any more =)
great stitchings here again
I can just imagine what you're going through with your mum but I'm sure that day...illness spoke...not her....
I send you love & hugs to give your strength

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