Happy Australia Day Swap!

The wonderful Jewells organised an Australia Day swap.  All of the goodies had to spell out the word Australia.  I was lucky enough to be sent this wonderful pile of goodies from Sharon Jones (no, not the Jazz singer).  I cannot seem to find Sharon's blog address at the moment but when I do I will add a link to her blog.

Look at the lovely pile of goodies which spell out Australia.

A = Apron
U = Utensil
S = Scissors
T = Tea (Australian Afternoon Tea, of course)
R = Rug for my Mug
A = Anzac Biscuits
L = Lollies - with sherbet - how did Sharon know that I love sherbet?
I = Ink Pens
A = Apple fabbie

and a gorgeous card, of course!

I sent all of these Australia Day goodies to my swap partner, Marcia:

A = Australian ground seeds
U = Untouched Christmas kit from my stash
S = Scissors and Scissors Fob
T = Tin of Shortbread
R = Rose bookmark
A = Address Book
L = List pad with magnet
I = Initial tea light candle and holder
A = Australian Chocolates (from Darrell Lea) and Assorted fabbies from my stash

It was such a fun swap, and easy to put together, too.

Thank you, Jewells for hosting it and to Sharon and Marcia for being my partners.


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Anonymous said…
wonderful gifts both sent and received kaye, alovely swap.xx
creations.1 said…
This was a great swap - and beautiful gifts sent and received by so many clever bloggers!!
Lizette Morales said…
Great exchange you had!!! The person receiving too!!!
What great interpretations of "Australia".
Anonymous said…
great swaps
Barb said…
What fun and great exchange pieces!
Shirlee said…
Very clever exchange! I hope you are doing well my friend!
Chris said…
What a neat swap!! Lovely exchanges!
KimM said…
What a fabulous exchange - great idea - and wonderful goodies. How creative.
KimM said…
What a fabulous exchange - great idea - and wonderful goodies. How creative.
Vickie said…
How unique and fun!
Denise :) said…
What a great swap -- sounds like you got as good as you gave, too, which is always nice!! :)
What a lovely swap! Those are some excellent gifts you both sent. Enjoy! :D
Linda said…
What a fun swap Kaye. You sent and received some lovely gifts.

Faith... said…
What a cool swap - love what you sent and received!
Christine M said…
Great swap gifts, Kaye.
Margaret said…
This looks like such a fun swap! Love it!
Valma said…
what a great idea to spell a word with gifts =D
great received and sent goodies !
I love that candle with the initial. I have one with my whole name and that's really beautiful =D
Jewells said…
Loved what you received and gave. Thank you for joining this swap.. looks like we all had a good time!
Stitching Noni said…
Great swap! Very clever way to do an exchange :)
I love the gifts both sent and received especially the sherbet!!!
Hugs xx
A lovely swap dear Kaye.:)
Nice gifts received and sent! :))

What a fun idea for an exchange. Might be a little short for us in the UK!! We could go for the whole of United Kingdom or maybe just England...

I love the mug rug but have to ask what is the spooky tree? It's a gorgeous picture.

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