Camperdown racetrack five miles long ...

Doo Dah! Doo Dah!

(Apologies to the real song)

But I am off on another road trip for work this week.  This time I am leaving TraderVic alone for two whole nights (how will he cope????) and staying in Camperdown for two nights while my colleague, Lambis and I are presenting to three schools in the area.

But, I am posing a question to you - do you think that I will have enough to do while I sit in my lonely hotel room each evening?  Let me tell you what I am taking.....

  • Five stitching projects 
  • The physical book I am currently reading - "The President's Lunch" by Jenny Bond. 
  • My headphones to listen to my audio book  - "Who killed Sherlock Holmes" by Paul Cornell (I also have nine further audio books downloaded onto my phone, as I will also listen to it on the drive down).
  • My kindle (which has hundreds of novels downloaded onto it)
  • A logic puzzle book
  • My laptop, so I can do some more blogging and/or watch Netflix
Plus, of course, the motel room will have a TV!

So, what is the verdict?  Have I taken enough to keep me occupied?


See you on the other side (or earlier, I hope).



P.S. I am not even sure if Camperdown has a racetrack - I will let you know when I get back.


RJ said…
No, I think you should have brought me along to keep you company. LOL! What a lovely trip you are on. Now that is my kind of business trip. Take some photos of Camperdown if you have time...would love to see what it looks like.
Enjoy Kaye! RJ @ stitching friends forever
Mary said…
Kaye, Road trips are so much fun, and having a colleague along you might not even have a chance to break out all your entertainment! Enjoy the trip! And, like RJ, I love to see photos of locations I have never been to, hint hint! Mary
Tiffstitch said…
Good luck on your presentation! I hope you have time to do any of the things you brought. I tend not to have as much time to myself as I anticipate when I'm away at conferences. :)
Have a wonderful time. It's not how much time you'll have to fill, it's having enough choice to occupy your mind!
Barb said…
Hooray! I have found another "crazy"person who packs for a few days just like I do!!!!!
Margaret said…
I think every crafter packs too much when he/she travels. And packs her crafty stuff first! lol!
Brigitte said…
Enjoy your trip - although I know it's a work trip. But I think you too everything you need for not getting bored in the evenings. But the real question is: Are five stitching projects enough ?????????? LOL.

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