Unwell again and I have failed!!!!!!

       Oh dear, I think that I am falling apart!!!!!   I have a very sore pain under my right breast and the doctor thinks that it is either muscular strain (from carrying my work bag up two flights of stairs to my attic study) or else it is shingles!  I am hoping it is the former not the latter.  I should know within a day or two if it is shingles (when the blisters form) - something to look forward to - lol!

Also,  I am very sorry to report that I have fallen by the wayside and I have given up on the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge - so disappointed in myself.  However, I have to be realistic - it was becoming a source of stress rather than a source of pleasure.  Also, I have signed up for some swaps (and I do not want to be named and shamed!) and I have started some SALs with blogging friends, plus I work full-time and I have DH, DS1, DD, DS2 and DFIL to look after, plus I have blogs to read, swimming laps to do, BOOKS/KINDLE to read, DS1 to help move out of home (Oh, what a big thing that is) and I need to spend some quality time with my family, friends and kitty cats, plus, plus, plus...- something had to give!

Thank you to all of the wonderful blogging friends who gave me great advice on my photo storage problem.  A couple of you suggested that the easiest and quickest option was to buy more storage - which is what I have done - less than $5.00 (as the Aussie dollar is so strong at the moment) for 20 meg of storage - pretty good!

If you want to read all of the wonderful suggestions, please scroll down to the previous post.

Isn't it wonderful how we can rely on someone out there in blogland to give us good advice and support?

Now, I do have some UCJC or should I say CJC progress pics to show (after all I did make the 15 days, I just fell by the wayside on Day 16! lol!

JCS 2011 Christmas Ornie Sal start

May Bee

Gingerbread Man
This last one is a very small start as I started it on a work day and then went straight out to see Spicks and Specktacular - which was one of our Christmas presents from our children.  It was a great show and we had a wonderful time.

Well, off to see the Osteopath and then I plan to do some relaxing stitching this afternoon.

Stitchy hugs,


Linda said…
Hi Kaye. Glad you solved your picture problems. Sorry to hear you might have shingles. I had that once years ago and it ain't fun. Great starts. Looking forward to our Sunday SAL.

gracie said…
Sometimes we just have to stop and look around...it sounds like you are doing just that. Rest and feel bettr soon.
Stitching Noni said…
Well Kaye I am now exhausted just reading what you had planned to do! Sorry to hear that you might have shingles... fingers crossed it is just a muscle strain....

It just goes to show that sometimes you have to accept that you can't do everything... as much as we so want to :o)

Take care of yourself and enjoy life!

sharine said…
I hope you are feeling better soon. An afternoon stitching sounds great.
Chris said…
Dear Kaye,
I hope that you are feeling better soon. Also I think that you are right about the stitching. It isn't something that should cause you stress. I really try not to over commit in that area but it is hard.

Xeihua (Sara) said…
Hi Kaye, hope you're feeling better and that is just a muscular strain ;)... You did the right thing of adjusting the challenge to what suits you best and the important is, as you said that you enjoy and not stress :D... and you can always stitch some of the others after you complete the 15 and do a "modified" version if you feel like it :D
Shari said…
so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well...
and don't beat your self up too bad about the challenge....our stitching is suppose to be relaxing & enjoyable & it sounds like it was not that for you....
Joysze said…
Oh Kaye, feel better.

You're not a failure. It takes a strong person to know where your limits are and stop something before the snowballs out of control.

Glad to hear you got the storage problem all sorted out. :)
beagleAnnie said…
Hello again, Kaye. I've been waiting for you to appear again. I hope you're feeling better soon.
Mangogirl said…
Lovely stitching and I really hope you are feeling better soon!
Cheryll said…
Oh Kaye.. you look after yourself!!!!
Nothing worse than feeling unwell.
Take care now! Hugs :)
Jan said…
Sorry to hear you are poorly. Hope you feel much better soon (and it isn't Shingles). Well done on the projects you have started. They look very cute.
Lesleyanne said…
I hope you feel better soon. I love your new starts. I am exhausted reading what you have to do.
cucki said…
hello dear, i hope you feel better soon..sending you big hugs..
so happy that finally the pictures posting problem is solved..so happy for it .
your new start is so lovely...keep it up..
love you cucki xxx
Trace4J said…
Sending you a hug friend.
Saying a pray for you. Hope you are feeling better soon.
Blessings & JOY

ricketyjo said…
Hi Kaye,
Hope you feel better soon and that you don't have shingles. Get some rest and hope you're feeling better soon. Have a lovely and relaxing day. xx
lesli said…
Oh Kaye! I really hope you're feeling better soon!! I'm so sorry this has happened!

Please, please, please don't feel disappointed about the Crazy Janauary challenge! It's meant to be fun, not stressful! Life always comes first, so you do what you can and enjoy it!! Don't even give it another thought!
Wagapapa said…
Hi Kaye!

Wish you get better soon and wish it is not shingles.

I agree with lesli, Crazy Janary challenge is for fun, not to get stressed, that's why I didn't take part on it...

Big hugs from here, xoxo
You haven't failed, you have "downsized your expectations"!
You did amazingly well to complete the 15 JC. I would never have got that far.
Off to read the photo options as I'm getting close too!

ps just noticed that you have a big wedding anniversary coming up this year - congratulations! There are lots of nice pearl-themed stitching gifts hubby can treat you to!
Kate said…
Hope you feel better soon. I stopped at 15 starts because I wanted to have a chance of finishing most of them. Do what feels right for you.

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