A happy occasion....

Me, DD and TraderVic
Last weekend we had my DD's 21st birthday party at our home.  We had around a 100 guests.  A lot of planning went into it and I am pleased to say that it was a really happy occasion.  Here are a few pics which I would like to share with you:

The flowers, all ready to place around the house.

The cake: a croquembouche, filled with chocolate and vanilla custard - it was a great hit.

DD and her lovely BF.

The Speeches 1

The Speeches 2

The Speeches 3

My DS, DN and DBIL

DS1 and a friend

My dear friend, Kim, DS2 and one of his friends (whom I taught when he was in Year 8)

I hope that you have enjoyed the party.



A lovely family party Kaye...nothing much beats that!
Valma said…
Hooo it seems you had a great time
great, really happy for you
with all the problems you encountered those last weeks
thanks for sharing
your DD is superb =D
the cake is yummy...french traditional cake for wedding or christening =)
big hugs
Chris said…
It looks like it was a wonderful celebration!!
cucki said…
a very sweet family party..
beautiful pictures xxx
Shirlee said…
You all look so happy! What great memories! I envy you : )
Kaisievic said…
From Chiara:
wow Kaye! the last post was so much fun!!
happy birthday to your daughter and thumbs up for the good planning!! 100 people, that's a lot of work!
she looked fabulous, love that dress! :D
and the cake.. yum!! :D

I'm still having issues adding comments to several blogspot blogs so.. quick mails! :D
happy xxx!
tadamama said…
Happy birthday to your DD! Looks like it was a wonderful party!
Bea said…
Looks like a wonderful celebration - you obviously put a lot of work into it. Congratulations to your daughter.
Anne said…
What a lovely party for your girl! You both look gorgeous in the photos! I love that tree of sweets! Yum!!
beagleAnnie said…
It looks you had a wonderful party with your dear family and friends. DD is so beautiful!!
Faith... said…
Happy Birthday to your DD :)

Nice to see you and your family! Looks like you guys had lots of fun...that cake looks yummy.
Cheryll said…
What a wonderful night full of lasting memories! Well done and HaPPy BirthDaY to your daughter too! :)
sharine said…
Happy Birthday to your daughter.It looks like it was a great party.
Hi, I'm out visiting other blogs today and I came over from “That British Woman” I see you do quite a few blogs and hope I came to the right one.
Looks like you put a lot of time in your daughter 21st birthday. My youngest son turn 21 last April.
Hope you find the time to stop over at my blog and the coffee is on.
Yes and would like to wish your daughter “Happy Birthday”
Anonymous said…
congrats to your pretty daughter Kaye,what a great night you all had and such lovely pics of your beautiful family.xx
What a lovely party and a great cake. The Small Boy would have taken a piece from the very bottom of the cake!
Catherine said…
Looks like a wonderful time ~ Happy Birthday to your daughter!

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