Weekend away in Olinda - Part 2

Hope that you are interested in more of our adventures in Olinda.

Olinda and its neighbouring village, Sassafras, are full of quirky little shops.  TraderVic and I found this one fascinating, with wonderful paintings and other objets d'art which we would have loved to have taken home but as our house is already full to the brim we managed to resist.  I just took lots of pics to share with you all and to keep as a remembrance......

Some beautiful tapestries:

We both particularly liked this print of the couple dancing on the beach.  TraderVic and I took ballroom dancing lessons a few years ago and loved it. (We were sick of just shuffling around the dance floor at weddings.)

Isn't this a sensational Art Deco lamp?

The Lady of Shallot is one of my favourite literary figures:

TraderVic examining an old eye chart.

After all that browsing we had Pie Floaters (usually a South Australian Dish) at a local bakery called "Pie in the Sky":

Followed by some yummy scones with jam and cream - A delicious lunch!

Then it was off to do some more exploring of Olinda Village:

Hope that you enjoyed looking at all of my photos - one more update to come but I will wait a couple of days before inflicting that on you! lol!



Valma said…
you're not inflicting anything to us =)
or at least not to me
I love your post, thanks for sharing all those great pictures
seems you had a very great moment
it's always so nice to discover things
so super
big hugs
Anonymous said…
i agree with Valma,love your pics,thankyou for the tour.xx
Shirlee said…
I also agree with Valma! I really enjoyed your post & all the photos! It looks like you & TraderVic had so much fun : )
Catherine said…
Looks like a fun time!
Mouse said…
ooo looks like you had a fab time and I spotted you taking that photo heheheh :)
food looked ever so yummy too :) love mouse xxxxx
Christine M said…
I haven't been to Olinda in years. Must get back there. I'm not too sure about that pie floater but give me scones, jam and cream any day! I love that sculpture of the children on the slide.
Bea said…
Love your photos. What a delightfully quirky place to spend some time! And the food looks yummy.
Faith... said…
I love all the pictures, what a fabulous shop! Not sure I could have escaped without purchasing anything. Looks like you could have spent days there just looking around.

Looking forward to the next installment.
HHi there Kitten Stitching...what a wonderful blog you have...I also love to cross stitch (but haven't done it for a while)...love to quilt...and love to cook!!!! We have that Vetrianno print of the couple on the beach in our bedroom...it is one of my favourites...Have a great weekend...and Happy Stitching and Happy Cooking...
Kaisievic said…
Chiara from http://thegreytail.wordpress.com/ has asked me to post her comment on my post for her - for some reason she is not able to post on my blog. Here goes:
"for some unknown reason I cannot post comments on your blog..
anyways, I wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your posts!
there're so many delightful things to look at!
..on a sidenote, Pie in the Sky pics got me hungry.. really hungry!! :D
keep them coming!"
Stitching Noni said…
Hi Kaye, love the photos & want to see more!! That little shop looks amazing. Pie floater - yummo! Don't get them here in WA & it's a very long time since I have been back to SA!! Looks like you had a lovely trip ;0)

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