Oscar Wilde, a mishap with a cup of tea, a happy dance and afternoon tea with my blogging friends.....

On Friday night, TraderVic and I went out with some friends to the Heidelberg Theatre Company's (HTC) production of Oscar Wilde's fabulously witty play: "The Importance of being Earnest." It is the HTC's 50th anniversary this year so they are putting on some great plays.  So far this year we have had "A Lion in Winter" and "An Inspector Calls" and now the Wilde play.  Next up is the iconic Australian play "Summer of the seventeenth doll" and the final play of the season will be one of my favourites "Arsenic and Old Lace".  I can't wait!  Here are some pics of the fabulous actors from HTC's production.  For an amateur theatre company they have excellent actors, gorgeous costumes and absolutely wonderful scenery and props.

The other night, DS2 was kind enough to make me a cup of tea - lovely boy.  However, it was not so lovely when he accidentally spilt it on my arm (it was freshly made so the tea was boiling hot!).  To cap it off, DD and DS2 thought my reaction of squawking like a strangled bird was hilarious and were ROFL  instead of helping me!  Eventually, they realised that it was actually a bit serious and pampered me with icepacks, etc.  Here is a picture of my burn - scroll down quickly past it if you get a bit squeamish at burns.

Now for my Happy Dance, I am part of the Santa Sack swap organised by the fabulous Cheryll from Gone Stitchin' and I have finally finished my Santa Sack for my partner Jeanette.  I am quite pleased with myself as I took my ideas from a number of places to create a unique santa sack for Jeanette.  I will be posting it tomorrow - I hope that she likes it (she gets to see it as soon as she gets it, so no worries with posting about it now).

This afternoon I had afternoon tea with Parsley and her daughter and a number of other blogging friends, thanks to Anne for "inviting" me to come along with her.  I made Orange shortbread and had it with a lovely cuppa.

Here is the recipe, for those of you who would like to try it:


225g butter, softened
115g caster sugar
1 teaspoon grated orange rind
1 Tablespoon orange juice
225 g plain flour
115g cornflour

1.         Preheat oven to 180o C fan forced.  Using an electric mixer, beat butter and         sugar in a large mixing bowl until very pale.  Add orange rind and orange juice.      Beat to combine.
2.         Sift flours into a bowl.  Beat flours into butter mixture until a soft dough forms.     Transfer to a lightly floured surface.  Gently knead until smooth.
3.         Roll dough out until 5 mm think.  Cut into desired shapes.  Transfer to a baking tray lined with baking paper.
4.         Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden and firm.  Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

Instead of cutting out shapes, you could press mixture into a greased 20cm round cake tin and bake for 40 to 50 minutes or until golden and just firm.

... and just to finish, here is Furio showing his entirely feline lack of interest in the London Olympics.  Unlike myself who got up early on a Sunday morning to watch the Opals beat Great Britain at Women's basketball.  Later on, we were treated to seeing our first Gold medal win  - the 4 by 100m freestyle relay in women's swimming.  Yay! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oy! Oy! Oy!



Brigitte said…
I hope that your burns will heal real fast.
Your Santa Sack looks gorgeous, a very creative finishing.
Enjoy the Olympics!
Ouch to the burn Kaye...hope it's healing well for you! Santa Sack sounds interesting and what fun to make!
PS I love amateur theatre...I have become involved in our local group...and I love shortbread too!
Kaisievic said…
From Chiara:
go Aussies GO!! :D
sorry about the burn.. wasn't too funny for you, I can tell! I have a real pain in the --- on my right index finger actually and it's driving me crazy as I stitch.. your looks way bigger.. good luck with it! hopefully you'll feel better pretty soon..
Furio looks great! I'd spend all my time sat on the floor scratching and cuddling cats!! :D

Arsenic and Old Lace how I LOVE that one!! :D
have a good time! (and many happy xxx!)

Anonymous said…
oh Kaye what a nasty burn hope it heals quickerly,what a funny cat furio is,lol,maybe he is not aussie.xx
Shirlee said…
What fun that play must have been! I was not familiar with that particular title : ( Arsenic & Old Lace has always been a favorite of mine too : ) That burn ... ouch! Having suffered a similar fate many years ago when I was pregnant with our daughter (I poured about 1/4 pot of boiling water on my abdomen) I know how you are feeling. Hope it heals soon! What a fun tea party ... those shortbreads look wonderful! My husband love shortbread & he love the flavor of orange so I'm going to make them for him one of these days : ) Love the idea of the Santa sack swap! Wish I had known about that one : )
cucki said…
oh dear i hope your burn get better soon..
lovely tea party..
santa sack is so cuteeeeeeeee
big hugs xxx
gracie said…
Oh you poor girl...that burn looks so sore. I loved tea with you and love shortbread. thanks for stopping by and having tea with me....
AnaCristina said…
hi Kaye! thank you for visit may blog!
good week!
Bea said…
Ouch, that burn looks sore. Hope it heals quickly. That is a wonderful Santa Sack - your swap partner will love it. The theatre group is putting on wonderful plays - I love Oscar Wilde.
Valma said…
your Santa sack is amazing, I love it, very great :)
Shortbread is my favourite cake =)
I never succeeded to do good one :(
yours seem very yummy
hope your arm will be better soon
big hugs
More cake! I'd better get stitching, it burns 86 calories per hour you know.

The burns look nasty, hope they heal soon. At least it wasn't your actual hand that got caught.

I do love am dram too. I was in the school productions until they realised I couldn't sing and asked me to do lighting instead!
Sisbabestitches said…
Oh your Santa Sack is lovely, and very original, well done. Love the gymnastic elf :)
Margaret said…
I love that Santa Sack! Just wonderful! Ouch on the burn!!! Not fun! Glad you're watching the Olympics as well. So much fun!
Catherine said…
How wonderful to be able to see all those plays!
Ouch on the burn ~ hopefully it is healing well for you!
Love the Santa sack!

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