A very Old Happy Dance and check out this Giveaway...

I was going through my linen cupboard the other day and way down the bottom of the pile I found this very old stitched hand towel (sorry yet again about the lack of ironing).

One end has Scottie dogs on it and the other end hearts.  Guess when I stitched this forgotten beauty?

That's right - in 1991.  This hand towel has done a lot of service in 22 years!

Also, I just wanted to tell you that McKenna of Chic Crafting is giving away another cute little octopus, her giveaway closes March 31st.

Love to you all, hugs,


Peggy Lee said…
Well I'd say your towel has held up nicely. It's very cute!
Shirlee said…
It's nice to find things like that & remember creating them : ) So glad you still have it!
P.J. said…
Love the hand towel, what a sweet find! Nice work.
Looks in great condition after all these years -
Kerryp77 said…
what a lovely find, it's held up well. The scottie dogs are very sweet.
Mii Stitch said…
1991!!! What a find! Your towels look sweet with the little dogs!
cucki said…
Such sweet find..looking so sweet x
That's so cute! I love that you've had it for so long - I love family heirlooms like that :D
Sally said…
your towels look great Kaye!
Valma said…
so great
no riddle since 1991 =D
big hugs

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