I am going, going, gone Mad!!!!

.....Yep, I am pretty sure that I have lost the plot, am one sandwich short of a picnic and am not the full quid!

Melbourne is in the middle of a March heatwave - over 10 days in a row around the mid 30s (95 F) - and what am I doing?  Buying  new WINTER CLOTHING!  Now, this is not because I am travelling to cooler climes (no such luck!).  No, it is because I just cannot resist the new season's clothes which are already in our shops - see MAD!

Do you want to see what I bought?
A lovely warm drapey jacket in dramatic red and black
Some detail

How cute is this going to look with opague tights and black boots?
Heart detail of the bodice

A top which works like a snug - perfect over a sleeveless LBD.

Detail of the neckline

 ... and then a couple of more transeasonal tops:

On a more serious note, it could be that I am feeling under a lot of pressure and I do tend to succumb to retail therapy to get me through the tough times.

You may have read in my last post that last week my Dear Mum (91) was hospitalised with a chest infection, this turned to fluid on the heart and lungs and now, whilst she has been sent home, she has been diagnosed with Chronic Hearth Failure.  Now, I know (from my reading on the web) that this is a disease which can be managed but at 91 it is a very serious condition.  Needless to say, I am very worried about her and what the future will bring.

Here is a pic of her at Christmas time (she is on the left).

I would like to say a big Thank you to all of you who have already sent prayers and kind thoughts her way - I really appreciate it and love you all for thinking of us.

On a happier note - I have a four day weekend this weekend - so lots of stitching is the plan.

Love to you all,


Shirlee said…
Aw Kaye ... your mom looks likes she's such a sweet person! I pray that she will not have too much difficulty dealing with her illness. Do take advantage of your 4-day weekend. Lucky you!
Sally said…
Thinking of you and your Mum Kaye {{{hugs}}}.

Enjoy your long weekend.
Jane and Chris said…
This is what my Dad has (he's 84),it can be managed, so enjoy every minute.
Jane xxx
sharine said…
So sorry to here about your mum. Best thoughtsxxx
Christine M said…
Sending your Mum get well wishes and hugs to you Kaye. Enjoy your weekend.
Don't be so hard on yourself darling, we all need some retail therapy sometimes, just think of it as being organised - hope you have the support of family and friends around you at this time - big hug, Amanda
Noela said…
Love the clothes you have bought. The weather is certainly a mystery. In Qld we have had nothing but rain. Today the sun is shining which is a wonderful change but there is a cyclone up north so what happens over the next week is unpredictable. You have had fires and now hot weather. Hope this weather pattern improves all over Aus soon. Hugs.....
Catherine said…
Sending good thoughts and hugs to you and your mum!
marly said…
Love the new clothes. Hope your lovely mom doesn't have any other episodes and manages well with meds.
Linda said…
I'm sending hugs and happy thoughts your way Kaye for you and your mom. Love your new clothes. Oh how I hate to shop for clothes.

Christine said…
Sending kind thoughts for your Mum
Love the new wardrobe by the way, especially the red and black jacket
Mii Stitch said…
Nice new clothes! I'm the same, when I'm feeling down, I'm shopping!! All my thoughts for your mum, I'm sure it can be managed. Stay positive & enjoy every moment you spend with her. Hugs, Mii x
cucki said…
thinking of you and your Mum (((hugs))).
have a happy long weekend xxx
Valma said…
wonderful picture of her you're sharing with us, your Mum seems very kind and sweet
I understand how worry you can be, don't let the illness take the precious moments you have together, stay positive :)
enjoy your long weekend
big hugs
gracie said…
You have picked some lovely styles....good thoughts sent your way for mom
Sorry your Mum has been poorly, hope she soons feels better.
The retail therapy looks like fun. I'm actually 2 months into my 3rd year of a clothes diet! I have not bought any new clothes except for replacement jeans and one top for work since Xmas 2010!
Of course I have made some other fabric-based purchases in that time...
Kate said…
Sorry to hear the news about your mum. Looks like you've had all the hot weather down there while we've had all the rain. You have some nice new clothes, me, I hate shopping anytime.
Stitching Noni said…
Oh dear, I hadn't read this post before commenting on your last one. Not good news about your mum.... But you must think positive :). And give her lots of love and hugs :)
Great new clothes... Funny how stress sends us out shopping.... I don't tend to buy clothes though.. I buy stash...
Claire said…
Love the coat.x

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