Marvellous Melbourne....

In the 1880s, Melbourne, capital of the Colony of Victoria was one of the richest cities in the world, its wealth based upon the great gold rush of the 1850s.  Today much of that heritage remains in this great city, that I call home.

The view from my hotel room at the Grand Hyatt in Collins Street (this is when I was at my Company conference a few weeks back).

The sun rising over the legendary MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground):

Beautiful buildings along Collins Street:

An interesting wall water feature and a cute dog bronze statue at City Square, Corner of Collins and Swanston Streets:

More great architecture:

The cupcake shop (had to put that one in! lol!:

A family of statues:

The new Age (Melbourne's quality newspaper) building

The Yarra River (the river which flows upside down!)

The Polly Woodside:

I hope that you have enjoyed this mini tour of Melbourne.



Catherine said…
Thanks for the tour!!
cucki said…
wow so pretty..i love my tour with you x
Linda said…
I loved the tour! Have a great day!!
Fiore said…
Thank you for this wonderful tour. Melbourne is so far away from me that it's difficult I can come there. But I know it's a beautiful city. I didn't imagine it wa so beautiful.
Valma said…
wow, such a beautiful town
thank you for the tour =)
don't know if one day I'll have the chance to visit your country, I'd really love but it is so far from here...but this way it's as if I was able to put a foot on its ground =D
Thoeria said…
What a beautiful city....thanks for sharing your Melbourne with us :)
Shirlee said…
What a beautiful city! The cupcake shop was especially inviting ... lol!
Beautiful city! I really hope I get to visit Australia one day...
Kathy Ellen said…
Magnificent pictures of all of the beautiful buildings and sights of Melbourne. Thank you for sharing your tour!

Blessings for a wonderful weekend, Kaye.
Barb said…
Beautiful pictures. It looks like a beautiful area.
Linda said…
Great pics Kaye. Loved the tour.


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