Some Stash Empire Building ....

..... Quilting Fabbie-style:

I had to spend some time in Mount Waverley yesterday, helping out my elderly parents with the visit of the  Chronic Heart Failure Nurse from Cabrini Hospital (sounds very ominous doesn't it?) and then with a doctor's visit to care for the open wound on my DM's leg (she knocked her swollen calf on the hospital bed and caused an enormous haematoma on her leg (about 2 inches long by over 1 inch wide!).  So, after I finally dropped them off home I went to have a very late lunch right next door to the Quilt shop, Somerset Patchwork and Quilting, in Mount Waverley - Natch!

I just couldn't resist these 19th century reproduction fabrics:

and the gorgeous colours of these variegated threads from DMC.



cucki said…
wow this fabric is so sweet and yummy threads too..
lots of love for you deary x
sharine said…
Lovely fabric:)
Christine M said…
Lovely purchases Kaye.
Hope your parents are ok. I'd find being next door to a quilt shop very dangerous. Love the fabric, what are you planning to make with it??
Anonymous said…
oh such nice buys there Kaye and i hope your DM is feeling much better.xx
Linda said…
Great new stash Kaye.

that fabric is just gorgeous, Kaye.

Gill in Canada
Wonderful goodies.:)
Catherine said…
I hope your parents are doing okay. Wonderful new goodies!
Marsha said…
I love the fabric.
Great fabric! And I really hope your mother gets better soon - she'll be in my thoughts
Shirlee said…
I pray that your parents will be well & that your DM's leg heals quickly. What beautiful fabrics! I always had a soft spot for 19th century reproductions ... also the 1930s reproductions.
Valma said…
wow, so beautiful !
sure you will make very pretty pieces with those fabrics =D
Emma/Itzy said…
oooh pretty! :D

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