What else do you do?

..... when you think that you might lose your job?

You Stash Empire build, of course!

Why?  Because....

a)  you will have lots of cool cross stitching projects to keep you occupied whilst you are adjusting to your new life of unemployment


b) you buy your cross stitch designs and threads, etc, now whilst you can still afford them


c)  you are just such a bower bird that you keep hoarding new stuff


d) you have no will power


e) you are the Napoleon, the Genghis Khan, the Augustus Caesar of Stash Empire Building



What has brought on this confession I hear you ask?  Well.....

1.  My dear bloggy friend, Catherine from Bramblewood Stitches has kindly lent me this difficult to obtain Prairie Schooler design "New World Sampler"  - just right for a cross stitching historian like me!

In 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue
In the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, too

Thank you dear Catherine.

2. These lovely "All Our Yesterdays" designs arrived on my doorstep this morning:

I have wanted to stitch an All Our Yesterdays design for so long.... now I have plenty to choose from!

3. Then, not to be fazed by all this lovely stitching to do - I slipped in and out of my LNS, Lazy Daisy at lunchtime today and came home with these lovely goodies:

Christmas Treasures book by Joan Elliott

I especially love this 12 Days of Christmas Design.

Then I found all of these LHN designs - aren't they wonderful?

Floss Toss for Two White Houses above

Look at the gorgeous colours of Blueberry Hill by By The Bay Needleart.

Lastly, look at this most wonderful, gorgeous stitched bag and other stitching goodies from The Victoria Sampler.  Each of the four sides has wonderful stitched panels.

So, off I go to do some stitching now - which one, which one, which one.... I wonder?



Vickie said…
Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! How wonderful. I especially love the New World Sampler.
Parsley said…
Love the sampler! Yay, for kind, sharing stitchy friends.

Please be sure to update your wish list after you get your stash sorted. I don't want to duplicate anything in our exchange. I am starting to stitch something Halloween spooky already. ;-)
cucki said…
sweet stitchy lovely friends :)
very pretty beautiful sampler..
and i truly love the bag so much..it is so cute..i love it from my happy heart and it is so much ME too...
enjoy stitching them all.
big hugs x
Melody said…
Such wonderful projects and threads and all.
where to start with all those goodies, rather you then me, difficult choice.

Gill in Canada
Julie said…
So much lovely stash and just love that little bag.
Melissa said…
Oh dear! I will pray that you do not lose your job! Such a terrible thing to go through (having just been through it myself).

I think collecting stash is a perfectly reasonable thing to do! Have fun stitching :)
SoCal Debbie said…
Wow, Kaye! I bow to the Stash Empire Queen! The PS design is perfect for a history buff like you. How nice that you have a LNS to pop into at lunchtime. Keep up the collecting and sharing pics with us!
Emma/Itzy said…
Oh why the hell not?! A bit of stash enhancing is good for the soul! Enjoy! x
Well,Kaye,perhaps I loose my job ,too...And I will do all the above things you mentioned...God knows why it is good...

You have wonderful cross stitch treasures and The All our Yesterdays magazines are gorgeous.:)
Blu said…
So much gorgeous stash! I look forwarding to seeing what you start first.
Christine M said…
So many gorgeous projects, Kaye. That lot should keep you going for a while!
Linda said…
OMGosh Kaye. I love the way you wrote this post. I think this stash haul is bigger than most of mine. lol

Catherine said…
So glad the chart made it to you safely!! Enjoy stitching it! Love all of your other goodies too!!!!
Anthea said…
Darn, Kaye you are inspiring me with all sorts of things!
So sorry to read of your job uncertainty, but it's good you have a stress outlet in your stitching.
Definitely make that stitching bag, that would be something to brag about!!
Noela said…
You are going to be busy Kaye. Lots of beautiful designs. Hugs......
Barb said…
It looks like you have stitching to last a good long time. I'm still hoping the job works out for you!
How wonderful for Catherine to have lent you her chart. I love all your new designs and kits and and and - LOL everything! Good for you:) WOW! That was some serious power shopping.
I do pray you do not lose your job.
love Annette
Shirlee said…
Oh my! How are you going to decide what to stitch next? You did a beautiful job on the PS chart! Catherine was a dear to lend it to you. I must say that out of everything you're newly amassed, I love Blueberry Hill best : ) I'm still praying for you & your family.
Carol said…
Well, you certainly won't lack for things to stitch if you do lose your job. Still keeping my fingers crossed that things will work out for you, Kaye...
Chiara Levorato said…
fingers crossed for you job.
that being said, I totally agree with you empire stashing. it's a magic bullet!! :D

love all your charts, I have some in my wishlist, some in my current order, and I'm taking Happy Hearts as a Stitcherama this fall! :D
take care and happy xxx,
Wow, amazing stashing! I especially love the New World Sampler. Enjoy! :D
Oh Kaye looking at these makes me want to get out my cross stitch! All your reasons sound perfectly fine to me!
Simply Victoria said…
My, such lovely new patterns! Enjoy picking : )
Brigitte said…
Oh, oh, oh!!! A wonderful new stash haul. BUt seriously - we don't need any of the above mentioned reasons for ordering new stash, do we? LOL.
Valma said…
ho my ! what a post =)
fabulous new stash !! everything is so great
I just finished needleworker =)
and I'm waiting patiently for sheep n°7 to arrive (patiently is not the right word in fact =D)
enjoy everything
can't wait to see your stitches whatever you choose to stitch first =)
big hugs
Anne said…
FAbulous stash building Kaye!! Love the LHN and the Blueberry hill charts. So sweet of Catherine to lend you that PS chart. It's so cool! Never seen one like that before!

What a lovely selection of stash. I saw the Joan Elliott 12 days chart then remembered I still have the kit for a very similar Joan design!

Hopefully your job will be safe and this will be your retirement fund.

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