Finally, a stitchy update....

Well, amidst all of my trials and tribulations I have actually managed to get some stitching done.  Would you like to see?

1. My first piece for the year-long Joan Elliott Round Robin has been completed and is on its way to the next stitcher.  I am very pleased with my Geisha for Julie.

2.  I finally finished the petit point section I have been working on for my Scarlet Letter SAL - there is more further on in the design but at least I can move onto a different section now.

3. Some, slow progress on my Cut Thru' Castle - for some reason I am really struggling with this piece. I love the design but the fabric is hard to count on.  At least you can finally see those two figures without having to squint now!

4.  I worked some more on Day 4 of Prairie Schooler's 12 Days of Santa, a SAL which I am doing with Debbie and Linda.  Showing some real progress here.

5. A new start: Strawberries by LHN - this has been a train stitch and is coming along very quickly.

6. Lastly, another new start: Trouble Waters (#1 of Bad Neighbourhoods) by Ink Circles.

I have had to order the WDW threads so I am doing it in different colourways using some gorgeous Australian hand-dyed silk threads made by Gumnut Threads.

This is the pic on the front of the pattern.

So, thank goodness for my family, my bloggy friends (thank you everyone for sending me even more kind thoughts and prayers and my stitching - all of this brings me great joy and I need to focus on these positives at this stressful time.



Melody said…
I do so agree, you really do need to focus on the positives in troubled times. I've been thinking of you Big hugs
PS Fabulous stitching
Mii Stitch said…
Lovely update on all your stitching Kaye :)
♥ Nia said…
You have so many projects on your hands! Looking good :)
P.J. said…
Wow, that's a whole lotta stitching going on! Very nice work!
Christine M said…
Your Geisha is beautiful Kaye. So are all the other stitching projects.
cucki said…
beautiful stitching and lovely projects.
big hugs x
gracie said…
Hang in there. Love the projects.
Catherine said…
It all looks great!
Emma/Itzy said…
These are all looking wonderful! x
So lovely! Your Geisha looks great :D
Linda said…
The Geisha is gorgeous Kaye. Great progress on your other pieces. The Castle looks awesome. Love your new starts.

sharine said…
Everything is looking great:)
Christine said…
Fabulous stitching
Brigitte said…
Oh my, Kaye, you have so many great projects on the go. Each of them is just gorgeous and you made some nice progress.
I hope that the job situation will soon sort out.
Stitching Noni said…
I love the geisha. And your new start is lovely :)
Hopefully stitching is helping you cope with all the stress and worry. Lots of different projects will certainly keep you occupied :) Keep up the good work!!
Hugs x
SoCal Debbie said…
Your needle has been smoking! Great progress on the Castle and Santa. You have a super start on Bad Neighborhoods. The Geisha is lovely!
Valma said…
many beautiful WIPs =D
and your Geisha is really amazing, very beautiful
I'm in love with LHN this year, even if I haven't shown one yet on my blog I have done a few pieces =D
happy stitching
Shirlee said…
Lovely stitchings Kaye ... as always : )
Your Geisha is Gorgeous, I stitched one for last year's RR. She made a nice change from fairies.

I love the Ink Circles design, I bought the Little Alien Schoolgirl Sampler because I loved Tracy's backstory to the design.

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